Dear Younger Self

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It’s winter so that means tv time is in FULL force for me. Lately I’ve been watching this show on TV Land called Younger – have you guys ever checked it out? It’s a little silly when I tell you the premise but if you’re anything like me you’ll get addicted. Basically a 40 year old divorcee is unhappy with her life and can’t get a job because she’s been out of the workforce for a while and everyone thinks she’s out of control. SO she gets a makeover (a la Clueless) and goes undercover as a 26 year old. Hijinx ensue, of course! (Side note: Sutton Foster plays the lead and she actually is 40 – I want to know who she sold her soul to for her skin to still look like that!) Even if it does it in a lighthearted way, the feminist in me LOVES that Younger sheds light on the reality of the pressures that society places on women – particularly with regards to how we look.

valery-brennan-dallas-style-blogger-4313 valery-brennan-dallas-style-blogger-4264valery-brennan-dallas-style-blogger-4300I’m not one of those people who wishes I was younger (at least not yet). I feel like I’m doing great in life and even though it’s hard for me to believe I’m in my late 20s now, I don’t yearn for high school or even college years! I hope that I always feel like I’m in my prime and even though I’m so happy for the past, I try to live my life to it’s fullest in the moment. That being said, there are definitely some things I wish I had known when I was younger. I’ve never written a “letter to my younger self,” but here are a few things I wish I had known back in the 90s.

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Coat: Thrifted ($50; similar here) | Shirt: c/o TV Land | Leather Leggings: Charlotte Russe ($10; exact but I would get the high waisted version) | Shoes: Clothes Mentor ($20; similar here and here) | Ring: BaubleBar ($20; similar and only FIVE DOLLARS!) | Necklace: Rocksbox ($19/month, use code VALERYBFF1 for a free month!) | Photos by Stephanie Drenka

  1. Filling in your brows will make your makeup look WAY better.
  2. You don’t have to be stick thin to feel sexy. Love yourself and dress how you want.
  3. Eat healthy snacks
  4. High school doesn’t matter
  5. It’s fine that you’re pale. It just means you’ll have a baby face way longer than those golden goddesses.
  6. You’ll meet Hanson later in life. Twice. (Maybe more?)
  7. You’ll also start going to comic cons a lot and it’s freaking fun.
  8. Take care of your teeth. You have deep grooves and soft enamel so floss your dang teeth.
  9. On that same note, wear your retainers. You dealt with braces for two years, just wear the retainer (still learning this lesson).
  10. Mom and dad are right about almost everything.
  11. You don’t have to be best friends with everyone. Be kind but that doesn’t mean they’re all your best friends.
  12. Don’t pluck your eyebrows too much. You’ll regret it.
  13. You’ll be so thankful your parents made you pay for everything in high school.
  14. Justin Timberlake will still be cool in 2015. Also he is going to marry Jessica Biel – aka Mary Camden from 7th Heaven.
  15. It’s okay that you don’t always fit in.
  16. Slumber parties don’t really happen when you’re an adult so appreciate them now.
  17. Recess is a freaking awesome show, even when you’re an adult.
  18. Your views will change a lot and that’s okay.
  19. Cats are actually pretty dang cool.
  20. Love yourself. No matter where you are in life, just love your dang self. You deserve it.

valery-brennan-dallas-style-blogger-4272Make sure to tune into Younger tonight! It’s on TV Land at 10/9c – even if you haven’t seen the first season you can definitely start watching now!


I received this t shirt and a copy of season one of Younger, but all opinions are my own. 

10 thoughts on “Dear Younger Self

    1. I was just watching it on last night to catch up before the premiere tonight! I am so excited to see Season 2! Love your ‘Younger’ tips in this post!

    2. Yep I was about to comment what Michelle said! It’s not on Netflix but they have it on a few different places including and the TV Land app (both free but you might have to sign in with a cable provider).

  1. This show sounds like a blast! And I love your list… especially the Mary Camden comment HA! And looking chic as always babe!

    1. You should! I mean it’s def not for everyone but it’s fun to watch and just kind of silly. And thank you!!! Admittedly they’re not the best quality but they’re also so “trendy” that I’m not willing to spend much money on them haha.

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