You Are Not Your Waist Size.

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To be completely honest with you guys, my first thought when I saw some of these photos was “wow, those are NOT flattering.” But when I wore this outfit, I felt awesome. It was a simple look but I LOVE these patterned pants, they’re soooo comfortable and oversized button downs are my favorite.

So what happened? How come my first thought when seeing these photos was a negative one?

It’s always fascinating to me how easy it is to slip into the idea that you have to fit into traditional beauty standards. I try to always be body positive, but here I am freaking out because maybe I’m wearing a shirt that doesn’t “show off the smallest part of my body.”

IMG_3116web IMG_3111webBut sheesh, the size of our waist isn’t everything! Like I said, I LOVED this outfit when I had it on (besides the fact that my shirt was horribly wrinkled even though I ironed it….typical Valery). Yes, I like embracing my curves and I like wearing things that accentuate my waist line but that shouldn’t have to rule my life.

You are not your waist size. I am not my waist size. You are not your cup size. I am not my cup size. You are not your pant size. I am not my pant size.

You are not your waist size 2

Wear what you want. Yeah, show off that waist sometimes but heck, if you want to wear an oversized button down and some patterned pants that make your thunder thighs look bigger….just freaking do it!


Pants: Uniqlo ($29; exact) | Shirt: Target ($20; similar) | Booties: Old Navy ($7; similar and less than $20!) | Earrings: Rocksbox (use the code VALERYBFF1 to get a month free!) | Pin: Totally Good Time on Etsy ($7 for the set; exact)

Okay. Okay. I guess I’ll talk about this outfit a bit.

First off, the pattern of the pants doesn’t really show up in photos but they’re white with black lines. I don’t know what you call it – they’re not checkered or plaid…someone help! Okay anyway, they’re from Uniqlo – in Chicago last month it was a MUST for me to get myself to a Uniqlo store and holy cow…it did not disappoint! SO many basics, so well organized, such great prices…it was hard to restrain myself.

IMG_3138webAs far as accessorizing goes, I had to take a cue from my dude Christian from Dimestore Films and throw on a pin to add a little something to this chambray shirt. His pin game is strong…trying to get on his level, y’all. There’s something so fun and unexpected about a quirky pin, and I loooove showing my love for pop culture. It’s nice to be able to do it with something besides just a t shirt.

Since The X Files is about to end again (insert sobbing emoji here), I’m trying to wear my X Files pins as much as possible. Oh….and I’ve got another X Files look coming up on Monday. AND A GIVEAWAY. Get excited.


My makeup was actually based on this awesome tutorial using the Vice 4 Palette! I can’t stop wearing this combo – it’s so easy and I LOVE how the colors look. Expect to see it over and over again.


So what are you waiting for? Go put on an outfit you love. Who cares how “flattering” it is – just put it on and WERK IT.


you are not your waist size

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