Pinterest Coaching

Hey blogger babe! Ready to get your Pinterest account in gear but don’t know where to start? 

I’m here to help! I’ve actually had my Pinterest account since 2010, but as of September 2015, I had approximately 400 followers. Not terrible for a personal account but basically nothing for someone who wanted to get traffic to her blog. 

Now a little over a year later, I’m coming up on 16K followers, growing at a steady rate of 15% per month – that means by the end of 2017 I should be over 60K Pinterest followers. Here’s a quick graph of my follower growth since January 2016 – the grey line is the average growth rate for people with audiences similar to mine.

The great part is, not only have my followers grown, so has my traffic to my blog. I’ve figured out what kind of posts and pins do well on Pinterest and I’ve used it to my advantage. Pinterest consistently accounts for over 80% of my traffic – you probably know this already but the beauty of Pinterest is your content is evergreen. A poncho tutorial I wrote in 2015 went CRAZY on Pinterest this past November and December…and to be honest, I had forgotten all about that post! 

Here’s how I can help!

Pinterest Account Critique ($150) is a one time service that includes:

  • A video chat (or in person meeting if you’re in Dallas!) that is approximately 1 hour long
  • a full review and critique of your account – how to clean things up, make your account more SEO friendly, what to include in your profile, how to set up a business account and how to set up rich pins (I’ll do plenty of research on your blog and account before our meeting so you have lots of actionable items to take away)
  • tips on creating pins for your own blog and what kind of content tends to go “viral” on Pinterest
  • how I do my scheduling and what services I use
  • I’m also happy to do additional follow up consultations at any time for $50/hour

NOTE: All Pinterest Management clients are required to do a Pinterest Overhaul before services start.

The Pinterest Overhaul ($200) is a one time service that includes: 

  • creation of 8-10 boards that fit into your niche with SEO friendly keywords on each board and 2-3 example pins
  • delete/move pins that are not successful (we’ll discuss this in detail if you choose this service)
  • a rewrite of the profile “about” section
  • a Pinterest worksheet with info on what to include on each pin from your blog (info about keywords, what to include in your descriptions, etc)
  • information on systems that will automatically pin your Instagram posts to a relevant board
  • 3 (or more) suggested group boards to help you reach even larger audiences

NOTE: Management services are full at the moment, but spots may open up in the next month or two so if you’re interested, make sure to fill out the contact form below so you can be added to the waitlist!

Pinterest Management Plan includes:

  • a mixture of pins from your blog and from other accounts 
  • the first month of the plan will be all brand new pins (pins from your blog and pins that I find on Pinterest that are relevant to your boards)
  • after the first month, some pins will be “looped” which means repinning things that have already been pinned, which gives new life to old content
  • this plan does not include writing descriptions for blog post pins but *does* include pinning them from the blog to relevant boards

Pinterest Account Management Pricing:

  • 1000 pins/month – $90 
  • 1500 pins/month – $130 
  • 2000 pins/month – $150 (for reference, I pin 2000 things per month)
  • 3000 pins/month – $195
  • quotes for larger quantities available upon request

Ready to get started? Let’s do it! Fill out the contact form below and I’ll get back to you in a jiffy!