Where the Heck Have I Been…?

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Oh, you’re wondering where I’ve been lately? Glad you asked – grab a coffee, (I’ll have a Coca-Cola, thanks) and let’s chat!

The holidays are always extremely busy….everyone know that knows this. But for me and my husband, this year was particularly hectic because we had family coming in from out of town, and we were hosting a large group of guests for the first time. Plus we had a few house projects that needed to get finished before they arrived. So before Christmas, the majority of my time was focused on preparing the house and making sure we had everything we need (not to mention last minute shopping). I knew I was going to be swamped, and I wasn’t worried about it since most blogs are pretty quiet right around the holidays. Plus the holiday shipping deadline for Everyday Unicorns had already passed so…no big deal.

Once my in-laws left, the plan was for me to hit the ground running. The bad news is, literally the day they left, I started to feel terrible. What I originally thought was just a cold, almost certainly turned into the flu. Or I guess it was probably the flu to begin with. Either way, I was down for the count for a solid two weeks. TWO WEEKS. That’s like an eternity in entrepreneur time.

On top of that…Everyday Unicorns is getting a little shakeup – actually no, a big shakeup. A new name! New website! New branded photos! It might not sound like a lot, but once I started going through all the tasks that I needed to take care of to make it happen, I realize it was quite the undertaking. I met with a brand specialist, who help me figure out my vision a little bit better for the shop…which also added more to my to-do list.

So I realized – something had to give. I have to put my all into this rebrand so that I can really dominate 2018. Also for my own mental health…I can’t do it all. I am still so passionate about blogging (and I’m missing it DEARLY right now), but I have to focus on Everyday Unicorns and get it in the right place before I can blog regularly again. For now, expect 1 post per week, but I’m still active on Twitter and Instagram! Also feel free to follow @shopeverydayunicorns on Instagram for store updates, discounts, and cute customer photos!

I’m really excited for the future, and I can’t wait to share everything with you. I think the rebrand should be ready to go within the next week or so, but since I love you guys and you’ve made it this far, scroll down for a sneak peek of one of my new photos and….the new name! Let me know what you think!

Thanks for hanging with me, babes. You guys make this all worth it.


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    1. Hannah thank you SO MUCH! I’m really really excited to see where this takes me and your support means the world <3

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