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I love a good wishlist and I have to tell y’all – lately Shopbop has been tempting me hard. I’m typically a fast fashion gal (you know this) but there’s certainly a time and a place to pay for quality and that’s where Shopbop comes in for me. I know I can count on the brands, quality and frequent sales! Also, did I mention Amazon Prime members get free 2 day shipping?! Sadly, we just missed a surprise Shopbop sale a few weeks ago, but there are still tons of goodies available! Here’s what’s on my radar (and in my shopping cart) right now.


Sam Edelman shoes

If I had to choose a favorite shoe designer I thiiiink it would have to be Sam Edelman. His shoes are always the perfect balance of classic and trendy and I feel like he just….gets me. Right now I’m really eyeing booties (helloooo fall and winter staple!) but I could buy literally anything of his and I’d be happy. I mean, I’m a size 9….ya know, if you want to be a doll. Right now I’m especially loving the navy Petty booties. Hello gorgeous. Click here to shop Sam Edelman at Shopbop.


High Quality Denim

A hard lesson I’ve learned over the last year….cheap jeans are just that. Cheap. I’ve bought countless pairs of $20 jeans and they’ve all fallen apart, stretched, shrunk, etc etc. I’ve finally decided to buy a few pairs of really nice jeans to last me the next few years instead of buying 6-8 pairs of jeans a year. (Yikes.) Click here to shop denim at Shopbop. 


Kitschy iPhone cases

I love a good kitschy phone case. The beauty of a phone case is it’s temporary and it’s small – if you’re not into kitschy bags, you can still get an outrageous phone case. You can even get something that totally goes against your normal personal style because…it doesn’t matter. The ones pictured are just a FEW of my favorites from Shopbop and honestly, I still haven’t made a decision yet! Click here to shop phone cases at Shopbop.



I was never really much of a watch girl but lately I’ve really been loving them. They’re the perfect way to class up an outfit or make you feel a little dressier even if you’re going full on casual. Shopbop has tons of beautiful watches in styles that will be on-trend for years and years. Seriously, a good watch never goes out of style and if it’s something you’re going to wear everyday I think it’s worth splurging on something you love and that will last. Watches also make for a perfect gift because it’s MUCH easier to choose a watch for someone than other accessories or clothing. Click here to shop watches at Shopbop. 

  • What’s in your shopping cart right now?
  • Have you ever shopped at Shopbop? Let me know your favorite things to buy there!


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