What’s in my Carry On – Makeup Edition

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Traveling can be insanely stressful - especially if you’re only taking a carry on bag! What toilteries do you travel with? How do you stay under the required amount of liquids? Click through for a rundown of ALL the toiletries and makeup I travel with!When I booked my trip to Chicago, my main goal was to keep it as cheap as possible. Which meant…not checking a bag. As much as I’d like to say I’m a low maintenance girl, I’m 100% not. Some of it is my fault (loving makeup + needy/damaged hair) but I won’t take the blame for my dry and sensitive skin! Not checking a bag means all my liquids and gels have to fit into a quart sized baggie. Challenge accepted.

A brief rundown on the toiletries I’m taking:

  • Renpure cleansing conditioner – Since I’ll probably only wash my hair once while I’m there, I’ll probably just take a small container of this cleansing conditioner. One product that washes and conditions – victory!
  • Deodorant – Duh.
  • Heat protectant – I have a few samples of heat protectants, I’ll take whichever one is smallest!
  • Verb Dry Shampoo – Usually I use aerosol, but I splurged on this dry shampoo powder to save liquid space. Dry shampoo keeps you from having to wash as much plus gives you extra volume!
  • Shaving cream – Thanks to my insanely sensitive skin, I literally have to use shaving cream or it’s razor burn city.
  • Dove bar of soap – I decided on a travel sized bar of soap this time around….again, to save on liquid space!
  • Tiny containers of face cleanser, moisturizer and my Curology acne medication

Now on to the fun stuff!

Primer – Honestly I got this Smashbox Primer Water  as a sample and I like it, but it’s not my favorite primer. The reason I’m taking it is it doubles as a primer and setting spray – when you’re working with limited liquid space, a product that does double duty goes a long way.

Foundation – When I’m traveling, I’m all about no-fuss foundation so I usually gravitate towards a BB or CC cream. This time I’m taking my It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream – it has nice coverage, SPF protection and can be applied with just my fingers if needed.

Concealer – The same concealer I always use – NYX HD Concealer. $4.99 and it works like a charm!

Eye primer – Another ride or die product, the elf Shadow Lock Primer helps keep everything in place all day!

Eyeshadow palette – Sometimes I use a smaller palette when traveling but I wanted to make sure I had tons of versatility for this trip! This elf Everyday Smokey Palette can be used tons of different ways so I have lots of options.

Brows – As of right now I’m planning on traveling with my trusty Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade, but if I have a chance I’m actually going to grab the NYX Micro Brow Pencil – it’s less expensive and requires no brushes.

Eyeliner – Again, the less brushes the better so I’m taking a felt tip liquid liner. This one is a new favorite, the Rimmel Colour Precise Eyeliner.

Mascara – This is another sample and to be quite honest, it’s really not my favorite. I don’t think it lives up to the hype! But I can handle a few days of sub par lashes if it saves me space. Traveling is all about efficiency and cutting corners 🙂

Contour – I’m taking my budget friendly contour shade this time around just in case I lose or break it. This is the NYX HD Blush in Taupe – it works really well for fair skinned folks!

Bronzer – As much as I’m DYING to take my Hoola bronzer with me, I’m opting for my less expensive elf bronzer (which I can’t find online anywhere!)

Blush – This is just a random blush from an Ipsy bag – nothing special but it’s compact, easy to wear and will go with everything.

Highlighter – I’m hesitant to do it but I thiiiiink I’m taking my giant Jeffree Star Skin Frost with me. It’s just so perfect.

Setting powder – Compacts are the bomb for traveling, so this Essence All About Matte Face Powder is my jam. Plus it’s only $3.99 so if it gets broken or lost, you’re not out too much. I use my Beautyblender to apply!

Lipstick – Let’s be honest, I’m going to take more than just this one lippie. But this particular one is the ColourPop Ultra Metallic Lips in the shade Zebra. You can view my review of this lippie here.

Brushes – elf Eyebrow Duo Brush (if I take the Dip Brow Pomade); a Beautyblender for blush, foundation, concealer and setting powder; Royal & Langnickel crease/smudge brush for eyes; small brush for contouring; elf Small Tapered Brush for highlighter (and anything else I might need it for!)

Phew – that’s it! Okay, so maybe I’m an overpacker.

  • How the heck do you pack all your makeup when traveling?
  • What travel-friendly must haves am I missing?


4 thoughts on “What’s in my Carry On – Makeup Edition

  1. i would like to know your preferred mascara if you consider this one subpar. i really like what this one does for my lashes, but i feel like it dries out super quickly, so it isn’t lasting as long as others and it’s what i consider a splurge.

    1. Hi! SO my absolute favorite is NYX Doll Eye Mascara – I usually get it at Ulta! If you want high end, I think Stila Huge is actually better than Better Than Sex. I like Better Than Sex okay but I think Stila Huge and NYX Doll Eye both do a much better job lifting and curling my lashes. Hope that helps!

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