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Bodysuit: Boohoo (similar here for $12!) | Jeans: AE (I bought extra long and then cut them off; sold out but similar here) | Duster: Target (super old; lots of similar, affordable options here) | Mules: Boohoo (sold out, similar available here!) | Photos by Taylor Gardner of Dallastyle

I don’t think I’ve ever done any sort of “life update” post which is suuuuuuper weird. Sometimes I worry you guys don’t really know who I am and that’s so lame. Definitely want to be an open book for y’all so here’s what my life looks like right now! (Psst Nicole from Writes Like a Girl has used this format for her Life Lately posts and I love it so I stole it…here’s to hoping she doesn’t mind.)

Reading – I finished Yes Please for one of my small goals, but I need a new book. Gotta see what the library has available because I’m on a spending freeze right now.

Watching – Breaking Bad (my favorite show of all time), Friends, Arrested Development, This Is Us, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and a bunch more. Breaking Bad is definitely taking up the majority of my time, though. My husband and I also just started the Great British Bake Off – super late on this but it’s SO fun!

Obsessing over – Get Out. Guys, I’ll admit that I started the outline for this post two weeks ago…yet here I am, still obsessing over the same thing. I listened to a podcast about it today. I read pretty much every article I come across. I’m DYING to see it again. Please send help.

Feeling – Slightly overwhelmed but confident. 2017 has been nutso for me (I’ve said that before) and honestly it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. That being said, slowly but surely I’m getting used to my workload. I’m working until 1am instead of 2 so…ya know…baby steps? But seriously, I’m getting better and feeling less stressed.

Freaking out about – My face being in every single Sally Beauty store? It’s WEIRD, y’all. But if you see me, definitely let me know because it makes me happy. Also, I still haven’t brought myself to take a photo with myself in the store. I need to do this. Y’all make me do this, otherwise I’m going to regret it.

Wearing – Lots of variations of jeans and a tee shirt (like you see in this post). T shirts with strappy necklines and bodysuits are what I’ve been reaching for most, if it’s chilly I’ll add a third piece like a cardigan, denim jacket, etc. I’ve tried to level up my outfit game, even when I’m not doing anything that exciting. It’s amazing how easy it is to look pulled together with just an extra two mins of effort. Instead of grabbing a t shirt from my drawer, I pull a shirt off a hanger. Instead of slip on sneakers, I’ll wear mules or booties. Minimal effort but looks way more interesting.

Waiting for – Tonight! (Y’all remember that song?!) But seriously, I’m stoked for tonight. FINALLY seeing Inside Llewyn Davis, thanks to Alamo Drafthouse. How have I never seen this movie, it’s the Coen Bros and it has Justin Timberlake in it! (And some of my other faves, Oscar Isaac and John Goodman). This might be the only good movie JT has ever been in, so it’s seriously shocking I haven’t seen it. Also, if you’re reading this JT…I’m not even going to apologize, we both know it’s true.

SO tell me, what have you been up to lately? Tell me about your life!


7 thoughts on “What’s Going On In My Life

  1. I’m in love with those flats your wearing in these photos! Also I’m currently still obsessed with Get Out too. I am seriously thinking of seeing it again because I just cannot stop thinking about it.

    Side note: I got the package you sent and have been meaning to post a thank you photo or something. You are so wonderful! Thank you!

    1. I posted a bunch of similar options on Insta yesterday! They actually aren’t *completely* sold out but all they have left is size five and I figure most people aren’t that size lol

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