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If I’m being 100% honest, one of my favorite things to do is watch tv. I know, I know, that’s awful….but it’s the truth. There’s just SO much awesome media out there right now and I love having something on in the background while I blog, sweep, fold laundry, make headbands, or cook dinner. Because there’s an embarrassing amount of shows on this list, I’ve broken it down into categories for you.


  • The Simpsons – We just recently got Playstation Vue (suck it, cable companies) so when there’s nothing else on we just head over to FXX and watch Every Simpsons Ever. (FXX)
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The season just ended (already) and seriously, Sunny is just as good as it was ten years ago. Of course there were a few misses but overall it was a solid season. (Seasons 1-10 on Netflix)
  • Venture Brothers – Finally back and just as good as ever. This Johnny Quest parody is always changing and evolving and is seriously spectacular if you’re a fan of adult cartoons. (Seasons 1-5 on Netflix, current on Adult Swim/Cartoon Network)
  • The Last Man on Earth – Probably the most innovative show on tv right now, I seriously can’t get enough of it. A comedy with the perfect tough of drama for die-hard drama lovers like me. Also Kristen Schaal. (Hulu)
  • Bob’s Burgers – If you’re not watching this, what are you even doing with your life? A healthy balance of fart jokes, smart humor and sweet family chemistry. (Seasons 1-4 on Netflix, new episodes on Hulu)
  • Superstore – I’m only a few episodes in, but loving it so far. Honestly I’m just stoked to see Ginsberg on tv again. (Hulu)
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm – Oldie but a goodie, we’re almost done rewatching the series. If you like Seinfeld but want more language and more cringe-worthy scenes…Curb is for you. (HBOGo, HBONow or Amazon Prime)
  • American Dad – In my opinion, this show is just a better version of Family Guy without all the cutaways. It’s worth watching just for the episodes where Steve sings and/or dances. (Seasons 1-9 on Netflix or Hulu, current on Fox)



  • House of Cards – I watched the new season WAY too fast. Probably my favorite besides season 1. Just watch it. #Underwood2016 (Netflix only)
  • Gotham – I was a total late bloomer on this show (which is insane considering how much I love Batman). The pilot just didn’t grab me the first time around but now I’m 100% obsessed. Robin Lord Taylor is an absolute joy to watch – never in my life did I think Penguin could carry a Gotham-centric show. Also Ryan Atwood makes for a pretty dang good Jim Gordon (things I never thought I would say). (Netlix for season 1, Hulu for more recent episodes)
  • Scandal – Steamy, cheesy but also sometimes really poignant. I’m not going to deny the fact that it’s a ridiculous show but Shonda frequently nails it on social justice issues and that alone keeps me coming back for more. (Netflix for seasons 1-4, Hulu for recent episodes)
  • How to Get Away With Murder – See above except minus the social justice issues. Viola Davis is great but…this is not a good show. Fun to watch? Certainly. (Netflix for season 1, Hulu for recent episodes)
  • Nurse Jackie – I’m not too far into this show yet, but I’m liking it so far. It makes me a little sad so I kind of have to space out how many episodes I watch in a row. (Netflix)

Not for Me – shows I just couldn’t get into

  • Californication – Honestly, just too much sex for me…which is a bummer because I really adore David Duchovny. (Netflix)
  • Fuller House – Sigh. I’d rather just watch the old show. (Netflix)
  • The Flash – I think I need to give this show another spin but for some reason the pilot just didn’t grab me. (Netflix)
  • Broad City – I don’t know, another one that I just don’t really like and I can’t figure out why. (Hulu)

valery-brennan-6514valery-brennan-6498valery-brennan-6478On the Agenda – shows that are going into the rotation soon

  • Flaked – Will Arnett’s new show that I honestly don’t know much about but have to watch. (Netflix)
  • The Sopranos – This show has been on my list for YEARS and I swear I’ll get around to it eventually. Bummer I already know what happens in the series finale but….eh. (HBOGo, HBONow or Amazon Prime)
  • Better Call Saul – I kind of can’t believe I haven’t watched this show yet since Breaking Bad is my all-time favorite show. I think this one’s up first. (Netflix for season 1)
  • The Walking Dead – Another one of those “I can’t believe I haven’t watched this yet” shows. I’ll get there. (Netflix)
  • Narcos – Super interested buuuut since there are subtitles I haven’t brought myself to watch it yet since it requires my undivided attention. (Netflix)
  • Supernatural – If I’m being honest I always assumed this show was terrible but I’m interested now. There are a LOT of episodes though…it’s like X Files all over again… (Netflix)
  • Veep – Julia Louis Dreyfuss + Tony Hale and that’s really reason enough. (HBOGo, HBONow or Amazon Prime)

PHEW sooooo that’s it!

valery-brennan-6507Sweatshirt: c/o Totally Good Time (exact here) | Shorts: Old Navy ($10) | Shoes: Lulu’s (gifted; similar) | Lips: ColourPop Lippie Stix in Cake ($5; not available anymore but this one is similar) | Photos by Stephanie Drenka

Also, while we’re at it…how great is this sweatshirt from Totally Good Time? Not all of these ladies made my list of tv shows this time around, but they’ve all been on my “currently watching” list at one point or another. I’m so thankful for these strong, independent, hilarious ladies and the influence they have on pop culture. It’s a good time to be a woman (although there’s still work to be done!)

What are you watching these days? Because if there’s one thing I need…it’s another new show to watch.



What I'm Watching

5 thoughts on “What I’m Watching

  1. Of your list, I watch / watched:
    1. Last Man on Earth
    2. Superstore
    3. Fuller House
    4. Supernatural

    1. Last Man on Earth – my husband and I started watching this beginning with the second season. We need to go back and watch the first. But it’s so funny! Jokingly, my husband and I will call each other “freaggin turd!” lol And I used to not like Kristen Schaal (from a few minor roles I had seen her in previously) because of her quirkyness. But she’s so cute on this show, especially her unique sense of style. And shout out to Jason Sudeikis.

    2. Superstore – I knew this show would be my cup of tea, if only because I worked in a grocery store/superstore environment as my first job at 16 through high school, and on and off through college. So I’m familiar with that whole workplace dynamic (especially the “dating your co-workers” thing….. ugh high school). And I used to watch America Ferrera on ‘Ugly Betty’. Aside from her, my new fave character is Ben Feldman as Jonah. And Dina is like, so intense and bossy but so funny! And their supervisor Glenn, lol his high pitched voice. And his failed attempts at getting them to show interest in Cloud 9.

    3. Fuller House – yeaaaahh. I watched the whole first season. The thing that made it stick for me is that it’s the original cast. And it focuses mainly on the adult characters. [[That’s where it fell short for me on “Girl Meets World”. I wanted to like that show, but it barely featured Cory and Topanga! The kid characters are lovable, but I wanted me some Cory and Topanga.]] But in Fuller House, it’s almost all about DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy (who turns out to be likeable! I actually kind of favor her over Stephanie’s character. Who they gave this weird like “oh I’m this cool DJ (haha get it? disk jockey?) and I’ve traveled the world going to the coolest clubs and festivals and dated so many guys”. Psh) But one of the biggest plotlines for the first season was DJ being ready to date again after the passing of her husband. And the two guys she’s torn between. Believe me. It was actually kind of a dilemma for me! I mean, do we choose the new guy, Matt, the very good looking doctor she works with at the vet clinic. Or do we go with Steve, her first love, who in his own right is cute with those puppy dog eyes, but is kind of a turn off with how desperate he is. Ok so maybe I liked the show a little more than I’m letting on…. I’ll admit. It was kind of lame. But I’m still going to watch the 2nd season.

    4. Supernatural – I can’t help but plug this show to anyone looking for something new to watch. I’ve been with it through thick and thin since the beginning (ok so maybe I came in around season 5, because my husband introduced it to me. But I quickly binge watched the first seasons. The old fashioned way too, on DVD!) Anyway, you’re spot on with your comparison to The X-Files! In fact, having just watched all of the X-Files on netflix, almost every other episode I was like “They did something just like that on Supernatural”. The first 5-6 seasons of Supernatural are along the same lines as the first 5-6 seasons of the X-Files. **starts out, “We got a new case”. Some mystery in Nowheres-ville. 4 people have come up dead. The mystery around their deaths is spooky. What!? It’s some kind of creature or supernatural force. Defeats creature. Goes home to life of solidarity because we only have each other** In fact, in most episodes, Sam and Dean only gain information on their case by posing as FBI agents. Best way to gain entry to police files, interview witnesses and them give you information, etc. Even down to the flea bag motels they always end up staying in! lol So many parallels. And on top of it, Jared and Jensen aren’t bad to look at! lol


    1. Go back and watch the first season of Last Man on Earth! I actually think season 2 is better but the first few episodes where Will Forte is alone really show how talented he is.

      I need to keep watching Superstore – glad someone else watches it! I’ve never heard anyone else talk about it!

      Not judging you at all for watching Fuller House! haha. I didn’t mind the cheesiness too much, but I thought most of the old people (Uncle Jesse, etc) were going to be main people so that really threw me off. Also Candace Cameron just annoys me lol. I LOVED Kimmy’s storyline though – who knew she would end up being my favorite?!

      Promise I’m going to start watching Supernatural soon!

  2. Might I also suggest to add to your ‘to-watch’ list:
    1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    2. Modern Family

    1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: we’ve been watching this from the beginning. Andy Samberg! yes! And Terry Crews lol And Jo Lo Truglio. All of the cast! Every character is funny. It’s like…. if you’re a fan of Law and Order or any cop show, this is a cop show but funny! I mean, again… Andy Samberg. duh.

    2. Modern Family – There are SO many episodes of this, I don’t think I’ve seen every single one. But pretty darn close. I started watching it a few year ago, and I’ve seen most all the re-runs on USA or TBS or whichever. But it’s such a cute show! and funny! I love the entire cast. There are a lot of characters (it’s one big modern family!) but each one earns their place. I think my favorite is Phil (Ty Burrell). I’m pretty sure every episode I laugh out loud at something he says/does.

    1. Ahhh sorry I never responded – I’m so bad about that! I started watching both of these actually! I don’t really have a good reason why I dropped off with Brooklyn Nine Nine! I really loved it but for some reason just kind of stopped watching and then got too far behind. I LOVE all the old Modern Family episodes (totally agree-Phil is the BEST) but as the kids get older, I don’t like it as much and I’m very sad about it.

  3. I love your shoes! 🙂
    I would recommend watching Love! It’s a Netflix original and I really enjoyed it! It’s hilarious and doesn’t sugar-coat love like some other shows. It sucks that you couldn’t get into Californication. All the sex bothers me at times, but I was hooked to Hank’s character as soon as I started watching. He’s that bad boy that everyone loves no matter how much he messes up. I am also a HUGE fan of Gilmore Girls and Parks & Rec!
    -Ashley Marie | The Vintage Urbanite

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