Ursula Makeup Tutorial

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Halloween may be long over (insert crying emoji here) but hey….a good costume is appropriate all year long, right? Okay okay, I know that is not true. But I recorded this and I really wanted to share it with you because this look is so fun and surprisingly easy to create! Obviously this video is sped up, but I was able to complete this look myself in about thirty minutes – and that’s without any practice or a trial run beforehand! I don’t think this tutorial requires a ton of makeup experience, just follow the directions in the video and you’ll be fine!

Once you’ve got your makeup done, the rest is easy! Just throw on a black tube top or tank top, and a full black skirt. I think a tulle skirt works PERFECTLY for this! If you can track down a triton or a shell necklace, even better!

Supplies needed:

  • foundation (whatever you normally use)
  • purple cream blush
  • sponge makeup applicator or BeautyBlender
  • eyeshadow – medium purple, bright blue, silver, and a darker crease shade (I used a dark indigo but charcoal, black or a dark blue would work just fine too)
  • black liquid eyeliner (optional if you want to just use gel on your eyes)
  • black gel eyeliner and brush to apply (for brows)
  • white eyeliner
  • red lipstick

Let’s be honest - Ursula is easily the best part about the Little Mermaid! I’ve wanted to wear an Ursula costume for years but just never got around to it. Once I started doing this Ursula makeup tutorial, I realized this look is actually pretty easy to recreate! Click through for a full tutorial on this Ursula makeup look and for details on how to pull together the whole costume!

Happy Friday loves! Got anything fun planned this weekend? Tell me about it in the comments!


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