Top 10 (non spoilery) reasons to see Jurassic World RIGHT NOW

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As you (hopefully) already know from yesterday’s post, last night I got to see Jurassic World and….I don’t want to hype it up too much….but…..HOLY COW IT’S AMAZING!

I’ve put together a spoiler-free list of reasons to get your tickets for this gem ASAP! Of course there are tiny things divulged in this, but nothing more than you would see in the trailers. That being said, feel free to step away now if you want to be totally and 100% surprised.

  1. Easter egg/nostalgia mania! This movie was totally made for fanboys and girls like me and I’m totally happy about it. Obviously I won’t give anything away but expect lots of callbacks to the original film.
  2. A diverse cast! This was a pleasant surprise for me, but there were several POC who were supporting actors in the film. No tokenism or stereotypes (that came to my attention) just people being people. 
  3. It’s the sequel we all deserve! As much as I try to like The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3….they’re both pretty bad. Even the Lost World is worse than I remember, if I’m being honest. This. This right here is the sequel we’ve been waiting 22 years to see.
  4. Dinosaur fights galore! In the first three films, we get some dinosaur interactions but I feel like this was what we’ve been waiting for….epic dinosaur battles from start to finish.
  5. Gruesome deaths! Come on, you always wanted to see some more brutal deaths and this one delivers. It’s not TOO gory but let’s just say most aren’t the quick “snatch you off the toilet” deaths of JP past.
  6. A beautiful score! Now don’t get me wrong, nothing will top what John Williams did for the first film. That being said, I really enjoyed the score for this film, which also included callbacks to the original Jurassic Park theme we all know and love.
  7. Kids that you actually want to survive the movie! I’ve gotta be honest, Timmy is the only kid in JP history that I really wanted to survive the whole ordeal so I was thrilled to finally get some likable kids.
  8. You’ll laugh! You probably already know this, but Chris Pratt offers some nice comedic relief in the movie. As much as I love seeing dinosaurs wreck shop, it’s also nice to chuckle a bit. The only thing missing was Jeff Goldblum’s laugh.
  9. It’s the park you always wanted to see! Come on, you were disappointed that Jurassic Park (the park) was a failure! Who doesn’t want to see DisneyWorld with dinos?! Well now we finally have that and it is absolutely breathtaking. Thank goodness Jurassic World really lets you experience the park before….you know….
  10. It’s MUCH scarier than the original trilogy. I spent 75% of the movie either with my hands over my face, mouth agape or eyes bugging out. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen Jurassic Park so many times, but this movie felt MUCH more intense as a whole.
  11. Bonus: Chris Pratt. Duh.

We saw Jurassic World at our favorite theatre in Dallas, Alamo Drafthouse. They have tons of fun Jurassic Park/World themed stuff in the lobby plus a special themed menu. Dino DNA milkshake, anyone?!

“Welcome…to Jurassic Park.” When you walk through the doors of the Alamo Drafthouse Richardson, you get to walk through the gates of Jurassic Park! We assure you, we spared no expense to make this happen.

Posted by Alamo Drafthouse Dallas / Fort Worth on Friday, June 12, 2015

*Not sponsored, I really just love Alamo Drafthouse.

Anyone see it last night?! What did you think?! If not, do you have your tickets yet?!?! Sound off in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Top 10 (non spoilery) reasons to see Jurassic World RIGHT NOW

  1. People don’t get that we love dinosaurs so most that we literally took an undergraduate geology course titled “Dino World” in college. Because we are just THAT awesome. And that was hands down my favorite course I took at A&M. — Seeing it tomorrow by the way.

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