5 Reasons Why the X Files Rules

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When I first came across Totally Good Time (thanks to an Instagram post from Mindy Kaling), I knew I needed to have them make a custom shirt for me but I needed the perfect topic. Since I was in the middle of an X Files binge, it just made sense to have it be Scully related….therefore, the Scully shirt was born! Make sure to check out their shop and if you have an awesome idea, just send them an Etsy message to make it happen!

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Isn’t it weird to look back at your childhood and see things that totally shaped you into the person you are today? The older I get, the more it happens to me. After seeing Gillian Anderson at Dallas Comic Con, I was inspired to start watching The X Files again (it’s on Netflix, people!) and I realized what a HUGE effect Dana Scully has had in my life. The other day I actually told my mom that The X Files is responsible for most of my major fears (cockroaches, claustrophobia, aliens, etc) and she said that she was a horrible mom for letting me watch The X Files when I was that young. BUT in reality, I think that was one of the best shows I could be watching at such a young age.


Here are five reasons why I’m so thankful my parents let me watch The X Files when I was in elementary school.

1. Her romantic relationships with men were almost never mentioned. And even when they were, they weren’t a major plot point. This is SUCH A BIG DEAL. It came up occasionally, but even then it was like one sentence and then they moved on to bigger things like finding aliens and shedding light on government conspiracies.

2. Even though she was sometimes a damsel in distress, she usually found a way to get herself out of the situations. There’s even a (pretty strong) theory that Scully is actually immortal.

3. Dana Scully caused a huge surge in women who pursued STEM (science, technology, engineering and medical) careers in the 90s. Read more about “The Scully Effect” here.

4. Scully taught me it was okay to question everything. That being a skeptic and trying to find the truth and ask big questions was totally okay. Also, asking questions doesn’t make you a bitch, it makes you a person who asks questions. Note: Using the big b-word here because it’s used SO much to talk about boss ladies in power who get stuff done.

5. The X Files reinforced the idea that gender roles don’t define who a person is. Watching The X Files, I never felt like Mulder or Scully did things or acted certain ways because of their gender. They were people and made their decisions based on their character, not their gender.





For a 90s sci fi Network show, Dana Scully is a shockingly feminist character. Of course, there are definitely things that can be critiqued but all in all, I’d say she was (and is) a fantastic role model, especially for a young girl like me – 9 years old, chubby, pale, and not necessarily “cool.” Scully taught me that being smart was a good thing, I didn’t necessarily need a man to get by and cute clothes and makeup are fun, but not everything.


Halloween 1998, my best friend and I were Mulder and Scully. My mom let me color my hair (and I was a redhead until it grew out, even though it was supposed to be temporary). I’m so glad even 17 years later, I still love Scully just as much as I did at age 9.

Were you an X Files fan back in the day? Are you losing your mind over the new episodes like I am?!


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16 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why the X Files Rules

  1. Seriously do not have enough words to describe how much I absolutely love this. Dana Scully is the woman every girl should want to be.

  2. This is awesome! I never watched The X Files, but that shirt is so great…and LOVE that you paired a tee with a tule skirt!! And of course the pic of you as a kid is just perfect! Haha!

    CS Gems

  3. I love this post for lots of reasons! Admittedly, it was your t-shirt that got me to click through, but your post just kept getting better and better. I always, ALWAYS appreciated the absence of romantic plot lines for Scully. AND Your costume was kickass! (Also, sidenote…I named my son Fox).

  4. 1. sci – fi rules
    2. I now want to watch x-files, i never knew what it was about until this post
    3. I love how your true style is blossoming and maturing – when you’re able to place ’98 Halloween photos beside ’15 professional personal style photos, you know youre staying true to your beautiful self
    4. Who the heck else can rock pink hair this fiercely?!
    5. Keep it up, ma’am =)

  5. I was a huge X-files fan when I was younger too actually. My dad was IN LOVE with the show & for the most part whatever he watched we all had to watch (add Star Trek, Stargate, etc) to the mix and I was the nerdiest girl in school. I got along really well with all the gents though which wasn’t a bad thing…until they all asked me to help them ask out the girl they liked (who was never me) but I digress. Love your outfit & your shirt is on fire! PS I’m not sure if I’m doing the link-up correctly, but I don’t have the code for it to put it on my blog so I just added my blog to your post but I don’t think that’s very fair but like I said I don’t know how to get the code for the link-up. Normally it’s been sent via email so maybe you’re doing this so other bloggers can join up? I don’t know & I’m sorry about that! xx

  6. OMG you were the freaking cutest! I have never seen that show but I feel like I should watch it now haha and love that shirt… how cool you can customize it!

  7. I have heard so many awesome things about the X files! I just finished a show on Netflix so maybe it’ll be my next one!
    xx, Victoria

  8. Ok so I definitely stalked from Nicole’s group on facebook and found your blog! And holy moly I love your style and love that you love The X-files. My friends and I always play the question game of “Which 3 fictional characters are you?” and we’ve added “What Fictional Character Would You Want to Be?” Dana Scully is who I WANT to be, even though I am not her. She is such a freaking badass and as a younger girl she seriously changed the way I thought females could be!

    You rock!

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