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Thursday Threads Summer EdgeA few weeks ago, I ran into the FANTASTIC photographer Kathy Tran in Addison Circle and she took a few photos of me to feature in Central Track. If you’ve never checked out Central Track before, they have TONS of great stuff for Dallasites, including fabulous street fashion. Kathy does most of the photography – not only is she incredible talented, she’s also super fun to work with, energetic and up for just about anything.



I’m not even kidding when I say Kathy was all over the place during our shoot, including laying on the ground below me! She will do anything to get the perfect shot! I also share Kathy’s love for edgy, editorial photos and she seriously delivers with every shoot she does. Make sure to take the time to browse Central Track and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram!


Even though it’s summer, I’m still wearing tons of black right now. It just feels right. I usually try to work in some color but this particular hot summer day, I just wasn’t feeling it. To be honest it was WAY too hot for this outfit but whatever…beauty is pain and discomfort….right? haha

Crop top: Forever 21 ($10; similar) | Skirt: Forever 21 ($18; similar) | Purse: DSW ($20; similar) | Shoes: Charlotte Russe ($20; similar) | Chain bib: Bauble Bar ($48; exact) | Other necklace, silver ring & earrings via Rocksbox – Use the code valerybrennanxoxo for a free month! | Photos by Kathy Tran



Blog-horizontal-image-(2)What about you? Are you wearing black this summer or sticking with bright colors and traditional summer palettes?


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40 thoughts on “Thursday Threads | Summer Edge

  1. I’m a black year round kind of girl!! I do love the summer brights but i simply can’t own enough black! It’s like an instant magnet when i see a great black shirt!!! Love your look! Such a babe!

  2. I have no words for this! You are kick ass! Its perfection top to bottom! I love the images and background – its so thoughtful!!! What time of day did you shoot this?


    1. Thank you so much! It was like 6PM but since it doesn’t get dark until like 9 it was REALLY bright. The photographer did a great job considering how bright it was and how pale I am lol

  3. I am just loving how eclectic your style is. I could NEVER wear black lipstick, even though makeup is “my thing” and I should try everything, but I LOVE it on you. I’m glad there’s someone in the group that’s away from the norm (norm being the cute flowery dresses & bright colors pieces) and more punk rock chic. Get it girl! xx

    1. Thanks Katey! I loved the angles too – she did a fabulous job and really went outside the box.

      I love your colorful wardrobe! I go through phases and right now it’s a mostly black phase apparently!

    1. I know, I’m so glad to live in Carrollton, there really are lots of photo spots and they’re easy to get to!

      Black just always looks so chic….if only it wasn’t so hot (literally).

    1. I have realized I go through phases with the colors I wear. At the beginning of the summer I was wearing more brights but now I’m pulling all the neutrals out of my closet. So strange how it happens like that.

  4. You need to submit these to a magazine. HOLY STUNNING. Like seriously, I want to be you. You’re gorgeous and so confident in you… I love coming here everyday and seeing what you’re wearing. love.

  5. I need to start wearing black more often, I tend to always wear white and light colored clothing. But your outfit looks so edgy and awesome! And I LOVE your Harry Potter tattoo!

  6. That leather skirt is so kick-ass! I’ve had my eye on one for ages, but I’m not sure I could pull it off!
    xx, Victoria

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