THINX Period Panties | Everything You Want to Know and Probably More

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Disclosure: I received a pair of THINX underwear to post about on Instagram – I knew it would draw a lot of questions so I wrote this post! I wasn’t asked to write this post and before I partnered with this brand, I already owned four pairs that I bought with my own money. Also if you click on any of the links below, I receive credit for your purchase.

This post is about periods. If you’re squeamish about periods, this one is not for you. But also, you should kind of get over it because half the people have to deal with it and you’re an adult (probably).

The last few months, my periods have vastly improved because of THINX period panties. I received my fifth pair c/o THINX and honestly, I am still planning on buying more. Now before you say “gross” and click out, hear me out! Just to let you know how much I love and believe in this product, I wore my nude THINX boyshorts on a photoshoot in white jeans that weren’t even mine and I felt 100% comfortable. I don’t think I have EVER worn white on my period before that day!

There are lots of questions out there to be answered, so I’m going to do my best to answer them. If you have any other questions or concerns, definitely leave a comment or reach out to me on social media.

What are THINX period panties?

Exactly what you think! They’re underpants that have a built in lining that reduces or prevents the need for pads, tampons or menstrual cups. Personally, I wear my THINX on heavy days with a period (instead of having to wear a pad as backup) and on medium/light days I wear them alone. YEP. Nothing else. Well, except pants.

Do THINX look and feel like normal underwear? 

They seriously do! I know that’s hard to believe but they really don’t look or feel like a diaper.

Do THINX really hold as much as the website says they do?

I think so! I mean I haven’t done a test or anything but on my light and medium days I can wear them all day without any leaking issues. That being said, I haven’t done any scientific tests or anything.

Do THINX period panties leak?

I’m not gonna lie, they can. If you have a super heavy period, they might be better as a “back up” option.

Are THINX comfortable? Do they feel like a diaper?

This was my biggest concern and let me just say, the answer is a resounding “No!” They are shockingly comfortable. I will say, if you “free bleed” in them all day by the evening they start to feel a bit damp. But the fabric is moisture wicking and I find them to be much more comfortable than wearing a pad or even a pantyliner.

How do you wash THINX

This was another concern of mine, but honestly it’s not a big deal. When you take them off, rinse them out with cold water either in the sink or tub. (It’s really not that gross, I promise). Then wash them delicate cycle, cold water and let them air dry. Easy! I know rinsing them seems gross but I don’t think it’s any worse than dealing with a used pad or tampon.

How many pairs of THINX should I buy?

I would start with one pair. Yes, you save money by buying more than one at a time, but I think it’s best to just start with one. They’re not cheap and that way you know for sure you love them before you spend lots of money! I started with one pair, then bought another three and now I have another one! I’m hoping to have 8-10 pairs eventually and will probably just keep buying a few pairs at a time because that’s what fits my budget best.

Is the THINX sizing chart accurate?

Yep! I find that the Medium fits me really well, which is exactly what the size chart says.

Do you wear THINX while working out?

Sure do! Usually I don’t wear a tampon with them, unless it’s a really heavy day. Never had any issues and the moisture wicking fabric makes it even more comfortable than regular underwear, in my opinion.

Any other benefits of THINX?

Glad you asked! First off, they’re much more environmentally friendly than traditional pads and tampons. The amount of waste produced by them is astronomical and I love not contributing to that nearly as much as I used to! Also I obviously save lots of money not buying those products all the time.

Does THINX help women around the world? 

YEP! This is one of my favorite parts – THINX wants to help women around the world. Since their launch three years ago, they’ve been partnering with AFRIpads to provide menstrual products to women and girls. Now they’ve launched their own Foundation (woohoo!) and will have more details on their site soon. You can also email them at to learn more.

Okay I think that’s it! If you have other questions, I’ll answer them and also update this post (without using your name, of course) so….ask away! I’m a totally open book about this topic because I don’t think there’s anything to be ashamed of – we all deal with it so let’s talk!


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