Diversity Chic | 70s Edition – Can You Dig It?

The 70s are alive and well in 2016! We’re working some of our favorite 70s trends in a modern way that’s perfect for ushering in fall fashion. Take a look at how the four of us channeled the 70s without looking like we’re heading to a costume party. I’ve always been a throwback kind of girl – growing up on the Beatles and the Stones will do that to you, I suppose. That being said…the 70s was never really my jam (besides 70s classic rock, of course). For some reason, I loved the 60s and then glossed over the 70s to focus on the big hair and bright colors of the 80s.

I really only have one memory of trying to relive the 70s and it’s Halloween 1999 – that’s right, the year after my iconic Dana Scully costume. My friend Tally and I (the same friend who was Mulder the previous year) decided to dress up as Sonny and Cher for Halloween. Why? I honestly have no idea because we weren’t fans and neither were our parents, really. I blame Britney Spears for covering “The Beat Goes On” on her first album. ANYWAY after lots of looking through books and magazines from the 70s, I landed on an iconic Cher look – bell bottoms with a white fur vest. Sadly, I don’t have photos but it was hilarious. Also, no one knew who we were.

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Best Beauty Buys – $5 and under

Featuring my favorite cheap beauty buys – nothing over $5.00 in this one! Click through to see my favorite cheap drugstore products that are $5 and under!
Sometimes I think blogs go a little overboard with high end makeup. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good splurge every once in a while (as evidenced by this post), but there’s nothing better than a beauty steal! That’s why I’m featuring my favorite cheap beauty buys – nothing over $5.00 in this one! Check out the video and then click through the products below to shop!

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