DIY: Super Easy, Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift!

DIY cookie sheet trays

Mother’s Day sneak up on you? Want to give mom something awesome, practical, inexpensive and personal (but not cheesy)? I have the PERFECT solution for you, dear reader.

For me, a good DIY project has to fit three criteria: 1. easy, 2. inexpensive and 3. quick. If a project costs me $40 in supplies or takes more than an afternoon, count me out. This project is one of the easiest I’ve done in a while, can be completed in a few hours and it will cost you around $15 (less if you already have spraypaint you can use). Need I say more?


Here’s what you need:
-cookie sheet ($1 at Dollar Tree)
-spray paint in the color of your choice (I like Krylon paint and primer in one; around $4)
-glossy clear coat ($4)
-patterned drawer liner ($3-$6, depending on where you get it. The black and white damask is from the Target dollar section and was $3 and will cover 4 trays, the geometric pattern was $6 for two rolls from Home Goods and will cover 10+ trays)
-sheet of felt (.25; of course I forgot to put this in the photo….sorry!)

Total cost: $15.25 but all of the supplies will make multiple trays so for $20 you could easily make 4-5 trays!

1. Get clean – wash the cookie sheets, use a degreasing soap to make sure you get all the residue off.

2. Spraypaint – no need to spray the middle of the top of the trays since you’ll be covering those. That being said, your liner might not cover the whole bottom so at least spray about .5″ in on all sides. I also avoided the middle of the bottom because it won’t be visible…no need to waste spraypaint! Feel free to cover it if you want yours to look a little nicer.

IMPORTANT: Follow the directions! If it says wait five mins between coats, do it. You don’t want tacky paint. Do 2-3 coats as necessary.


3. Get your gloss on – once your paint is TOTALLY dry, follow it up with your gloss. This is going to help seal it and just make it look a little nicer so don’t skip this step.

4. Cut felt squares for the bottom – You do NOT want to mess up your mom’s nice furniture so put something on the bottom of the trays to protect the furniture. I use good old felt – super cheap and gets the job done. You can also buy pre-cut felt circles to make it look a little nicer but it’ll cost you a few extra bucks. Your call!


5. Cut and measure – use a ruler or just lay the drawer liner on your tray and mark it (that’s what I did). The drawer liner will probably have a grid on the back (yay) so you can cut along those lines so it’s nice and straight. After you’ve cut, double check and make sure it’s the right size. Then round out your corners if your pan has rounded edges (I just eyeballed it, it doesn’t need to be perfect).

Cut and measure tray liner

6. Peel and place – follow the directions for your drawer liner, mine said to wet the surface a bit so I just rubbed it down with a damp washcloth. Then peel the back off and slowly and carefully place it on the bottom of your tray. Make sure to flatten out bubbles as you go!


That’s it! SO easy! It takes a few hours but the majority of that is drying time for the spray paint. I love the versatility of these trays, they can be used as a bar tray, livingroom catch-all, jewelry holder or even to make the bathroom look a little fancier!



Any questions? Just leave them below!