6 things I learned from The Spice Girls

I had kind of a rough day, so my husband said we could do whatever I wanted to do last night. Being a normal 25 year old girl, I took full advantage and decided to FINALLY watch Spice World. It was 90 minutes of pure bliss and nostalgia, but while I was watching it, I started to realize how many life lessons I learned from being a Spice Girls fan. It sounds really ridiculous, but bear with me.


1. “If you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my friends”

Say what you want about this song, but it’s actually a pretty dang good message. Ladies, your dude HAS to like your girlfriends.

2. Brand yourself.

Obviously the Spice Girls take it to the extreme, but I really do believe it’s important to brand yourself. I was never happy with the clothes that ended up in my closet until I finally developed a “style,” and now it’s a whole lot easier for me. Be intentional with what you wear and try to make sure your outfit says something. Don’t just buy something because it’s “on trend” or because you see it in a Nordstrom catalog (do those even exist?) One of the best things about fashion is it’s a way to express who you are….take advantage! Also watch this video of the Spice Girls dressing up like each other because it’s BOMB.

3. Enjoy life and have fun…forget what everyone else is doing.

Honestly you guys, the Spice Girls were pretty weird. They acted super strange and half of their songs didn’t make sense but man….those girls knew how to have fun. Growing up watching them, I realized that life is really supposed to be enjoyed! Don’t get wrapped up in negativity, just take a deep breath and Spice Up Your Life! Yep, I went there.

4. Dressing provocatively doesn’t make you any less of a feminist

I think we’re getting away from this (thanks to women like Beyonce), but in the 90s, if you showed cleavage all the time you were probably a whore. Or at least that’s what everyone told me. I think it’s really interesting that The Spice Girls stomped all over that with their gigantic platform shoes. They wore what they wanted and it didn’t really matter what other people thought. They were women and they were in control of their own bodies.

5. Sometimes sensible shoes aren’t important.

I’m probably not going to be able to walk when I’m 60 buuuuut I love a good heel. Shoes don’t always have to be sensible, ladies. The Spice Girls singlehandedly brought platforms back in the 90s….and these weren’t just ANY platforms, they were like 10″ tall. I distinctly remember BEGGING my mom to buy me platforms in elementary school. She finally caved, but my friend Mallory always had bigger ones. -_-
Note: Just make sure you know how to walk in your heels! No t-rex’s allowed!
Another note: feet actually are important so take care of them.

6. Girl Power is a really powerful thing

Society loves to pit women against each other. (See: this song by the Pussycat Dolls.) That’s one thing The Spice Girls NEVER did. I know, I know, they weren’t really friends to begin with, they auditioned to be in the group, etc etc. I’m talking about what they stood for. As an eight year old girl, hearing “Girl power” over and over again honestly had a really positive effect on me. Say what you want about the Spice Girls, but those women did a lot for budding feminists like myself. Even if we didn’t know it at the time.

I’m so thankful I was a 90s kid who got to experience the mania of The Spice Girls firsthand. I’d like to give a public shoutout to my dad who bought me the Spice World VHS at Blockbuster the day it came out (with the free poster it came with). This dude also bought me concert tickets and took me to Smirnoff to see them (sans Geri….still upset about that). Number one dad, y’all.



Embrace the Hustle

Life is REALLY hard sometimes, no matter who you are or what you’re doing.

Sometimes I literally feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day and I KNOW I’m not alone here. I’ve been reading #GIRLBOSS and it’s really helping to remind me that I’m always working for something. Once I’m done reading I plan on posting all the awesome quotes I’ve highlighted so keep your eyes peeled for that in a few days.

For now, I just want you to do one thing for me: EMBRACE THE HUSTLE.

I googled it and I can’t really find this phrase anywhere so I’m just going to go ahead and claim it as my own. The hustle is real and sometimes it SUCKS but lately I’ve been trying to remind myself that it’s all for good. Every time I struggle, there’s a reason. Every night I stay up late blogging or making headbands, there’s a reason. Every dollar spent on marketing, every hot glue gun burn, there’s a reason for ALL of it.

All I’m trying to say is all that hard work you’re doing, in whatever aspect of your life, it’s all for something. There’s an end goal, even if the end goal is just feeling good about your hard work. Internalize that goal and remember to embrace the hustle.


I made this iPhone lock screen using the Rhonna Designs app, and I wanted to share it here┬áso you can have it too! Just hold your finger on the image and then when it pops up click “save image” and you’ll find it in your Photos. It’s nothing fancy but I just really love seeing an inspirational message every time I check my phone. Probably going to make a printable soon for my workspace at home and I’ll def be sharing that with you guys, too. If you want this in a different size just let me know in the comment section and I’ll throw one together for you.

So what’s your end goal? What are you hustling for? Leave a comment and EMBRACE THE HUSTLE.