Stranger Things Inspired Outfit + Dallas Fan Days Preview

dallas-blogger-dallas-comic-con874If I say the words “Stranger Things” and you’ve seen the show, you will probably have some kind of ridiculous reaction. I know for me personally it’s usually something along the lines of “OH MY GOSH IT’S SO GOOD YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!!!” Soooo when I saw this shirt pop up on Totally Good Time’s Instagram, I knew I had to get my hands on it.

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Recap: Dallas Comic Con Fan Days 2016

Dallas comic con fan days 2016Phew, recapping Dallas Comic Con is never an easy feat. It’s kind of incredible how much they can cram into one weekend. I’m going to try to break it down for you guys so you can easily skim through the stuff that miiiiiight not be as interesting to you ūüôā

Also before I forget, much thanks to Stephanie Drenka for letting me use her amazing photos. She’s the best so make sure to visit her blog too!

What I Wore

This time around I decided I wanted to wear a costume instead of my standard fan shirt or hat. My hair is the PERFECT color and length for my favorite character in X Men:¬†Days of Future Past, Quicksilver. NOT the Quicksilver that was in Age of Ultron. Nope. The Evan Peters one. Watch this scene if you need a refresher, easily the best part of the movie…and that’s saying a lot because it was an awesome movie.

Thankfully it was a pretty easy costume to pull together, the big thing I was missing was a silver jacket but it seemed silly to buy a silver jacket knowing I wouldn’t wear it again. Instead I just used a moto jacket I already had. I bought the Pink Floyd shirt for $7 from eBay and threw on some black jeans and silver shoes. The goggles were only $11 on Amazon – a little more than I wanted to spend but they were essential to the costume.

dallas-comic-con-fan-days-7873To drive the silver aspect home a little more, I went heavy on the silver makeup. In addition to using the Essence All About Greys Palette, I also used the Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Metal 24 Hour Cream Gel¬†eyeshadow (omg have a longer product name!) It’s a cream so it was SUPER pigmented, easy to apply and blend with my finger and it stayed put all day. Once it was dry, I patted some regular silver shadow on top just to make sure it was set.

dallas-comic-con-fan-days-7878For the lips, I grabbed the wrong lipstick when I was walking out the door. Instead of the Cold Hearted Wicked Lippies I MEANT to get, I grabbed my matte black NYX Macaron Lippies. The good news is, I had the Essence silver eyeshadow with me! I applied the black lipstick like normal and then softly used my finger to pat on the shadow and it turned out way better than I expected! It also stayed put ALL day! I reapplied a bit after eating some greasy pizza for lunch but honestly I would have been okay without it.

Also I can’t leave out my blogger besties Stephanie and Sevi who joined me on the X Men cosplay as Jubilee and Storm! How stinking cute are we?! ūüôā



I decided this time around, the best way to recap the panels is to see what I deemed funny/interesting enough to tweet at the time!

Brent Spiner was the first panel of the day on Saturday morning! He’s best¬†known as Data from Star Trek the Next Generation, but honestlyyyy I’m not much of a Trekkie (sorry y’all! Star Wars forever). BUT I actually found out after the fact that he’s the scientist in Independence Day! MIND BLOWN.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Robbie Amell – I don’t watch The Flash (yet) and the only thing I’ve seen him in was The Duff. He honestly really surprised me! He was super charming, funny and kind. I guess it runs in the family ¬†¬Į\_(„ÉĄ)_/¬Į He also talked quite a bit about working on the X Files, which y’all know I was ALL about (btw not one but TWO X Files outfits coming next week so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss that!)¬†

Stephen Amell was definitely the main event on Saturday. Best known for playing the titular role in Arrow, he also has the good looks on his side. Just like Robbie, Stephen was charming, funny and kind – also forever patient with all the questions asking for spoilers that he obviously can’t share. BUT the best part of the panel (and maybe the weekend) was when his feud with Stardust came to a head. Stardust busted in on the panel and took over as moderator for a good ten minutes. It was hilarious and, even though most of us knew it was coming,¬†it was still such a fun and exciting moment. Also I have to say that it’s for a REALLY good cause, you can read more about that here.

Unfortunately I didn’t tweet much during Will Friedle or David Ramsey‘s panels but both were really great. Will (aka Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World) is an insanely talented voice actor, and it’s always fun¬†to see someone like that in their element. Much to the audience’s dismay, he didn’t do the Feeny call, but for good reason – he has since passed it along to the ladies of Girl Meets World. Now it’s theirs to do, and he won’t do it anymore. David Ramsey (Diggle from Arrow) had some great onset stories¬†– apparently Manu Bennett and Paul Blackthorne are¬†both method actors, which makes for some funny situations on set since they are always “in character.”

Y’all I wish I knew what to say about the John Barrowman¬†panel but…the dude basically left me speechless. If you’re not familiar with John Barrowman, I know him as Malcolm Merlyn from Arrow but a lot of folks fancy¬†his role on Doctor Who and the spinoff, Torchwood. He’s also a fabulous singer and treated us to a few songs during his performance. Hilarious. Inappropriate. Gracious. Kind. All I can say is this will NOT be my last John Barrowman panel.

Photo opp

Sevi, Stephanie and I decided to split a photo opp with John Barrowman and Stephen Amell. None of us were willing to spend $145 on a photo by ourselves but it’s much easier to swallow when you’re splitting it three ways. (Keep that in mind for future cons, it’s a great way to save some money!) Since we’re all three big Arrow fans, it was totally worth the money for us! Admittedly, the photo opp experience is INSANELY fast, don’t expect to get to chit chat with the guests – they really get you in and out of there fast. If you’re looking to have a conversation, spend your money on an autograph instead. OKAY without further adieu…our Valentine’s Day photo opp! <3


Everything Else

Logistics wise, I have to say that Fan Days could use some work. This time around they had some BIG stars, which was great, but the venue was clearly oversold. At one point there was a 10-15 minute wait just to get on the escalator. Parking was quite a trek, yes there were shuttles but I hardly saw them running and I don’t think many people used them. Thankfully I was able to get in the doors right away, but I read on Facebook that some people had to wait in line to get their passes for 1-1.5 hours and that’s simply unacceptable. There’s no reason it should take that long to get people inside, especially first thing in the morning. That being said, the staff and volunteers were VERY helpful and kind, I didn’t see anyone losing their temper even in a crowded/borderline insane situation. They made the best of a bad situation but it could use some work for sure.

dallas-comic-con-fan-days-7871 dallas-comic-con-fan-days-7869

They’ve already announced the date for the next Dallas Comic Con (June 3-5) at the Dallas¬†Convention Center. If it’s anything like last year, the large Comic Con is actually much less overwhelming. The space can easily handle a much larger crowd, so even though there are WAY more people it doesn’t feel like it. Also they’ve announced three guests – the legendary Stan Lee and Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes (aka Jay and Silent Bob!) and should have more guest announcements this week. (#PleaseBringMarkHamill)¬†You can get your tickets starting February 18th on the Fan Expo Dallas website.¬†¬†

Who should Sevi, Stephanie and I dress up as in June? I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve but I haven’t committed to anything just yet! Leave a comment and let me know!



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6 Things You Can’t Miss at Dallas Comic Con Fan Days

dallas comic con fan daysY’all I can’t believe it’s almost that time again – Dallas Comic Con Fan Days! To be honest, I was originally planning on posting a Comic Con inspired makeup tutorial today but I’ve been sick all week so it just didn’t happen. I’m so sad about it. BUT instead I’m sharing the things I’m most looking forward to this weekend at Dallas Comic Con Fan Days.

If you don’t have your tickets already, you can get them online here or at the door (but they’re a bit more expensive at the door so get them ahead of time!) You can also just buy a one day pass for either Saturday or Sunday if you can’t commit to a full weekend of Comic Con (but come on, you want to be there the whole time).

Okay, okay, so here are 6 things that you can’t miss this weekend at Dallas Comic Con Fan Days!

1. My first ever cosplay – Typically my Comic Con attire is a pop culture t shirt and/or some accessories, just to keep it simple. This time around I’m doing what I like to call “cosplay light” and I’m so excited about it! I’m not going full on cosplay but it’s definitely a costume that will *hopefully* be recognizable to other con-goers. Also my blogger besties Sevi and Stephanie are joining in for a group cosplay – any ideas what we might dress up as? Hint: my hair is staying silver!

2.¬†A potential Stephen Amell/Stardust throwdown – For those of you who haven’t been keeping track, Stephen Amell and WWE’s Stardust have an ongoing feud. I’m not big into WWE but this has been thoroughly entertaining. Stardust confirmed on Twitter that he will be there and I. Cannot. Wait.

amell-stardust-web-2 Amell-Stardust-web

3.¬†Calen Hoffman/Groot cosplayer – This cosplayer has been at Dallas Comic Con before but sadly I missed my photo opp last time around. This year I’m DEFINITELY going to get a photo with Groot – you seriously won’t believe how amazing this costume is.

4.¬†Wild Bill’s Soda (duh) – I think I mention Wild Bill’s in every single Comic Con post I write but it’s soooo delicious. Also, you can save some money by bringing back your mug from a previous year instead of a buying new one every time!

5.¬†Relive the 90s¬†with a Power Ranger, Data and Eric Matthews¬†– The guest lineup is full of some 90s goodness this time around including Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation, original Red Power Ranger Austin St. John and Will Friedle…aka Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World! If you’re wondering why Will Friedle is on that list, he’s now an accomplished voice actor…anyone ever watched Batman Beyond? Yep, Batman is Will. *mind blown*¬†You can view all the Dallas Comic Con Fan Days guests here.

6.¬†A group photo with Stephen Amell and John Barrowman –¬†I’ve only done one photo opp before (Gus from Breaking Bad!) and it was a good one so this group photo opp has a lot to live up to! I’m so excited to take a photo with my blogger besties though – now I just have to figure out what to wear!!!

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See you this weekend at Dallas Comic Con Fan Days, babes! And don’t forget to save $5 and get your tickets today.


The Art of Dallas Comic Con Fan Days

DALLAS COMIC CONIf you’ve been following here or on social media for a while, you probably know how much I love Dallas Comic Con. Three times a year, Dallas’s biggest fandoms unite for a weekend full of cosplay, unlimited Wild Bill’s soda, Q&A sessions, reunions, photo ops and special screenings.¬†A few weeks ago, the Irving Convention Center hosted Dallas Comic Con once again for Fan Days and this round certainly did not disappoint. A Karate Kid reunion, Ginny Weasley (aka Bonnie Wright’s) first US con, Walking Dead fan favorite Michael Rooker, John Rhys Davies and the Ashmore twins were just a few of the celebrities to hit the stage.

Despite all the excitement of the celebrities and Q&A sessions, this time around I found myself spending more and more time in the exhibit hall. I’ve said it before, but there’s just something so incredible about seeing countless artist’s interpretations of your favorite fandoms. And believe me when I tell you there’s something for everyone. I love that you can simultaneously support small business owners, rock your fandom AND not break the bank (most prints are going to run you $10-$25, depending on the artist, size and type of piece). Here are a few of my favorite artists and, even though I wasn’t planning on buying anything, of course I went home with a new piece of art to add to my ever-growing Dallas Comic Con collection.

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Gingerzap! Admittedly, Liz¬†is a friend of a friend but I’m always insanely impressed by her talent. Her paint splatter art is more than your typical Jackson Pollock wannabe – she turns paint splatters into your favorite characters including an INSANE amount of Pokemon. It doesn’t hurt that she’s absolutely adorable and super friendly – catch her at tons of cons all over the place or you can follow her on Twitter or Facebook to get updates on her newest prints.


Jim Ferguson. I didn’t buy anything from Jim this time around but last time I went home with three gorgeous pieces! Not only does he pull from pop culture, he actually sketches entire¬†scenes. One of my favorite things about Jim’s work is the unexpected – you’ll see stills from The Big Lebowski, The Princess Bride, Jurassic Park (something weirdly missing from most artists’s booths…) and The Labyrinth, to name a few. Last time around I went home with a still featuring Jack Nicholson’s Joker and it’s one of my favorite pieces in my house. Looks like Facebook is the best place to follow Jim online, or you can check out his Etsy shop to buy some of his work.

Tom-CarltonTom Carlton. This was the booth I couldn’t resist this year. All of Tom’s pieces start out as oil paintings so you know they’re detailed and beautiful. His reworking of the Last Supper with all Bill Murray characters was what drew me to his booth but I went home with a gorgeous Edward Scissorhands print. One thing I love about Tom’s work is he mixes pop culture references into something totally fresh and new. At his booth you can find Chewbacca drinking a Guiness, Gandalf holding a lightsaber and he even showed me a painting he was working on of Darth Maul riding Smaug. Lucky for you, Tom has a lot of his work online!

Phil-SpauldingPhil Spaulding. One of the first people I talked to at this year’s con, Phil was an absolute joy. His work might be a little creepy and gory but that’s definitely not the vibe you get when you talk to Phil. Clearly inspired by the beauty of horror, I couldn’t take my eyes off his Frankenstein’s monster print with a butterfly over his head. Also the fact that Phil’s mom was there attending her first con ever really won me over. He isn’t local, so I’m really hoping to see Phil next time around and snag a handful of his prints! Click here to view some of Phil’s work online and to purchase prints.

Of course there are COUNTLESS amazing artists at every Dallas Comic Con, so make sure to check them out¬†next time around. Lucky for you, there’s another Fan Days coming up in February so don’t miss it!



Geek Chic | What to Wear to Dallas Comic Con

comic con outfit ideas group photo

You’ve been there…another Dallas Comic Con Fan Days¬†is approaching (two days people) and suddenly you realize you don’t know what to wear! I know, I know, you could just throw on a t shirt and jeans and call it a day buuuuut what if I told you there’s a way to be just as comfy and look super chic? Here are a few outfit ideas¬†to get you started! I’ve linked all the items but of course most of these can be put together using stuff you already have in your closet! Also a lot of these pieces mix and match, so hopefully you can easily recreate most of them without buying much! Get creative, use what you’ve got and save those dollars for some awesome gear in Artist’s Alley!

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Skinny jeans | T Shirt | Blazer | Sneakers | Statement Necklace

This outfit combo can be reworked a thousand times over because of it’s simplicity. Mix up the color of the blazer, the type of shoe and the accessories and you can wear three totally different outfits for comic con! I also love the idea of wearing this to work on a casual Friday (only if you work in an office that won’t look down on a graphic t!) It still looks pulled together and professional but it’s so fun!


Tulle skirt |Sneakers | Chambray shirt | Licensed Hat | Statement Necklace

Want a more feminine and playful look? A tulle skirt is your perfect Comic Con bestie (just ask Sevi, she wore one to the last Fan Days!) Pair your tulle skirt (or any A line skirt) with a button down shirt tied at the waist to accentuate your waist Рaka the smallest part of your body. Wear a statement necklace under the collar and throw on a cute hat to balance out the femininity and to show off your favorite fandom!


Stretchy Pencil Skirt | T Shirt | Denim Jacket | Sneakers

This outfit is perfect for Sunday – you’re going to be worn out but you still need to keep your fandom strong! Throw on a knit pencil skirt, your favorite t shirt and sneakers. Top it off with a denim jacket or cardigan because let’s be honest, it gets COLD in those panels.


Raglan/Baseball T | Jeans | Booties | Statement Necklace

Maybe the simplest of all of the outfit ideas posted, but one of my favorites because it feels more “fall” than the others. I love the look of a raglan t, there’s something about them that’s so cute and flattering. This one is a men’s t from Target, but they’re athletic cut so it should still fit well! You might want to size down. (Tip: Target has GREAT graphic Ts in the men’s department, usually for $12.99 – not a bad price, especially if you’re on the hunt for a last minute shirt for this weekend!) Throw on some skinny jeans, a statement necklace and booties and you’re SET!

What are you wearing this weekend?! What are you super stoked about?¬†I have to say I’m most excited to see Bonnie Wright on Sunday – I mean come on, she’s a Weasley!

Tickets for Dallas Comic Con Fan Days are available online through Thursday at 5PM! After that, you’ll have to buy them at the door. See you there! Don’t forget to click the post below for my BEST tips for prepping for Comic Con!



Dallas Comic Con Day 1 | Princess Leia Still Reigns


Let me start this off by saying that Carrie Fisher is not a Princess, she’s a QUEEN. I’ve never had more fun at a Q&A…probably because she didn’t really allow anyone to ask questions. She talked a lot about celebrities not being “down to earth” (because if they were, we wouldn’t say that about them), face creams, and the fact that she can’t keep secrets. She didn’t really talk about Star Wars¬†much, but¬†she did touch on the (in)famous gold bikini. She said the guys loved it (duh) and the girls forgave her for it because she yelled at the men in the movies and in the end (just like the rest of us), she ended up getting older. To be honest, it was absolutely insane in the BEST way possible.


Carrie successfully avoided talking about the new movie, except for a brief story about how lovely it was to be with Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford again. Because she’s a “constant divulger,” it’s just not safe for her to talk about the new movie – and I prefer it that way, to be honest.

Here’s a Twitter recap – I tried to rapidly tweet as much as I possibly could but there were so many gems, I missed quite a few. I’ve also included a short video to give you a taste of how wonderful she is. Next week you’ll get a full recap from Sevi and I on Stephanie Drenka’s blog, but I just HAD to share this as soon as I could!

Long live Princess Leia.

TONS of good stuff planned for¬†tomorrow, but if I’m being honest I’m not sure how it can top what I experienced tonight!

Tickets for tomorrow and Sunday are still available at the on-site box office starting at 10AM each day! You do NOT want to miss out so get yourself to the Dallas Convention Center – I’ll be there tomorrow in time for Gillian Anderson’s Q&A at 11:45 ūüôā


How to Prep for Dallas Comic Con

This February I FINALLY attended my first Comic Con and I am totally hooked. I’m no expert, but I still think there are some things you should know before attending your first Con. If you’re a vet, let me know what important tips I missed!


Photo by Stephanie Drenka 

24 hours before:

1. Hydrate! Your mom was right when she said you have to hydrate the day BEFORE. So Thursday and early Friday, drinks tons of water so you’re at peak performance Friday-Sunday.

2. Get your geeky gear¬†ready. Whether you’re going all-out cosplay or just wearing your favorite pop culture tee shirt, have everything picked out ahead of time. If you’re like me, you have LOTS to choose from and you don’t want to have to make a game time decision! Check out my post from February for more on what to wear to a Con.¬†Thanks to Stephanie Drenka for this fab photo of us ūüôā


3. Print out your agenda. But you can look it up on your smartphone, right? True. But you’re also going to be using that phone to take killer photos and videos AND doing social media. You’re better off printing out the agenda to save battery life, they even have a nice printable version on the website!

4. Plan¬†out your “must see” events – leave plenty of time before those to line up if it’s going to be a big wait! For me this is one of the MOST important things. There’s so much to see that if you don’t have your schedule figured out, you’re bound to miss something great.

4. Follow the appropriate social media accounts. In addition to the folks running the events, also follow the accounts of any celebs you’re super excited about. You never know what they might post! Also use the hashtag #FanExpoDallas to connect with more people. Here are my must-follow folks:

Me, duh! Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
My partner in crime, Sevi: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Dallas Comic Con: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
KBH Convention Center: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

5. Cancel plans for the rest of your weekend. The con doesn’t run super late but you’re going to be pooped at the end of each day so head home and rest up so you can feel rejuvenated! This is especially important for Friday and Saturday night. You don’t want to be dragging come Sunday.

6. Make sure you’ve got your photo ops purchased. You can purchase most of these on site but why waste the time doing that when you can take care of it ahead of time? You can get your photo ops at this link. Here’s a photo of Sevi and Stephen Amell of Arrow….you don’t want to miss out on a bomb photo like this, now do you?! ūüôā (Thanks for letting me use your photo, Sevi!)


7. If you can, pick up your tickets early so you can get in as quickly as possible. According to the Dallas Comic Con Facebook page, “Early Badge & Wristband Pickup is Thursday, May 28 in Hall D at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas from 11a-8p.”

8. Plan out your transportation – Dart is encouraged just because parking tends to be kind of a pain!

What to bring:

1. Phone charger and extra camera batteries. If you have a portable charger, even better! Otherwise, at least bring a wall charger. You do NOT want to run out of juice at this event.

2.¬†Cash. Some of the artists might not take cards and it’s just easier to have cash just in case. You probably need it for parking, too. Also (if you’re like me), you need to take a certain amount of cash and limit yourself to ONLY spending that amount.

3. Backpack or messenger. They also sell awesome bags at Comic Con. Either way you’re going to want something to carry your necessities and any goodies you buy.


4. Deodorant. I know, I know. But seriously. There’s a lot of people in a small area and extra deodorant never hurt anyone. Plus, it’s not going to take up much space in your backpack.

5. Patience and a good attitude! Cheesy, but SO true. You have to go into this knowing it’s going to be hella crowded and you’re going to have to wait in lots of lines. A good attitude will go a long way and make the day much better for everyone involved.

Other Dos and Don’ts for the Day Of:

1. DON’T¬†skip out on Artist’s Alley!


2. DON’T¬†be disrespectful of celebrities. Don’t sneak photos or bombard them. Common courtesy.

3. DO take photos with folks but DO ask them first.¬†Again…just use common courtesy.


4. DO use social media! Use the hashtag #FanExpoDallas and follow along with your fellow geeks.

5. DO arrive early! Parking is probably going to take forever, so will the lines to get in. Just plan to have to wait.

6. DO stay hydrated and take rests when you need to! Better to miss out on something than end up having to leave early because you’re dehydrated.

7. DO take advantage of the unlimited soda from Wild Bill’s. SO delish and was easily a highlight of Fan Days for me.


8. DON’T bring outside food or drink. I’m a little salty about the fact that they don’t allow you to bring bottled water, but I guess the convention center has to make that paper somehow.

Alright, so who will I see this weekend?! Not sure what I’m wearing yet but I think it’s going to be too hot and crowded for me to Cosplay. Plus I’m getting back from Chicago at 1Am early Friday morning so just making it through the weekend is going to be a challenge.

Tickets are still available, so don’t miss out!


Dallas Comic Con Fan Days | What I Wore

Dallas Comic Con Fan Days 2015 was easily the craziest collection of comic, sci fi, horror, anime and gaming fans the Irving Convention Center has ever seen! When I found out I was attending Fan Days just a few days before, I immediately started stressing about what to wear. I knew I didn’t have time to pull together a costume, so I had to go with some fan gear instead. I wasn’t in the mood for a graphic t and wanted to look a little more chic and pulled together so I rocked my fandom with all my accessories! And of course I had to represent my all-time favorite, Batman.


Hat: Sample hat – N/A (similar; similar) | Jacket: American Eagle via Buffalo Exchange ($15; similar; similar) | Top: Target ($7; similar; similar) | Jeans: Target ($20; exact) | Necklace: Forever 21 ($16; exact) | Shoes: Journeys ($50; similar; similar) | Lips: NYX Wicked Lippies in Betrayal ($6; exact) | Photos: Stephanie Drenka


This is a super easy look for any Con – I basically just started with one of my “uniforms” and added the right accessories. Layers were key because it was warm outside and in the hallways but cold in the panel rooms. Also tennis shoes were essential – I almost wore flats – with all the walking and standing we did, that would have been a huge mistake.

If you’ve never been to a Con before, it’s something I really believe everyone should experience at least once. There’s nothing better than seeing people in their element, totally rocking out their fandom and celebrating one another. The best part for me was getting to hang out with two of my blogger besties and seeing them geek out just as much as me!


Here’s a quick look at everything I got to experience at Comic Con Fan Days….can’t wait for the next Con in May!!!

If you want more details on Fan Days, you can check out these posts by some of my blogger friends:

Geek Glam | Ware is the Vodka | DFW Style Daily

Who’s already got their tickets for Dallas Comic Con in May?! Tickets went on sale yesterday so you better snatch yours up quick!