How to Style a White Button Down Shirt

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How to Style a White Button Down ShirtIf there’s one piece I think every single person needs, no matter what your personal style, it’s a crisp white button down. I find myself pulling mine out of the closet more and more (that is, as long as I have a chance to iron it!) You can style them in countless ways and they always tend to elevate a look and make it feel a little more dressed up than a t shirt would.

WebResDecemberShoot-48Shirt: Gap ($20; similar here) | Cardigan: Thrifted ($3.50; similar here) | Jeans: Forever 21 ($8; exact) | Sneakers: Target ($15; exact) | Necklace: BaubleBar ($25; exact but looks like they’re sold out in rose gold) | Photos by Chelsea Francis – she’s wonderful and get excited for more photos from her in the next few weeks!

Before we get into the beauty of the white button down, let’s talk about my jeans for a second. A few weeks ago I ripped through my favorite pair of black jeans (RIP and also thank goodness I was home alone and not out and about when it happened). I really want to invest in a great pair of black skinnies but I haven’t quite found the right pair yet, so for now these $8 jeans from Forever 21 will have to do. The fit is pretty decent (although not quite as skinny around the ankles as I’d like for them to be) but hey….they’re $8. And that’s regular price. One other thing about these jeans….they smell super weird until you’ve washed them like five times. It’s not just this one pair, I have these jeans in grey from a few months ago and the same thing happened to me then too. Those were from the store, the black ones were purchased online.

Is it unfortunate? Very. Did I deal with it because they’re jeans that fit and they’re $8? You betcha.

WebResDecemberShoot-46 WebResDecemberShoot-42If you’ve got a great black jean recommendation, send them my way! I really want some distressed black skinnies too but I can’t bear the thought of buying expensive distressed jeans. I think I’ll just rip up these bad boys once I get my “investment jeans.”

WebResDecemberShoot-50 WebResDecemberShoot-40You might have seen this cardigan when it was first introduced to the world in my thrift store haul video. (If you haven’t seen the video, you can check it out here.) I LOVE this cardigan but it’s not quite as long as I would like it to be so every time I wore it with a t shirt underneath I felt really frumpy. I decided to pull out the ol’ crisp white button down and…of course it did the trick! Also, if we’re being totally honest here, I love the fact that I only had to iron the front of this shirt since I knew the back and sleeves would be covered by the sweater. Fair warning though! If you follow suit and only iron the front, you’re bound to get super hot and be unable to remove the sweater. Still worth it, in my opinion.

WebResDecemberShoot-51The button down+sweater combo needed a liiiiiiittle something more, so I added this rose gold bib necklace and it totally did the trick. I love putting a statement necklace of any kind under a button down shirt, definitely one of my favorite combinations.

Need another way to style your crisp white button down? Here are three awesome outfit ideas for you that you can easily recreate using stuff you already have in your closet! Remember you don’t have to REPLICATE the outfits, just use them as inspiration to mix and match what you have!

What’s your favorite way to wear a button down? Comment below!



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5 thoughts on “How to Style a White Button Down Shirt

  1. You are you just too cool for school in this outfit! Wearing chunky necklaces with button downs is one of my favorite looks. It just keeps the shirt from feeling too stuffy, y’know?

    I’ve had the same smelly issue with jeans from Forever21. It’s so awful! I swear by my black Old Navy Rockstar jeggings. I’ve bought them on super sale with free shipping for just under $25. I can’t imagine letting any other jeans touch my legs now!

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

    1. Oops I just realized I never responded to this! I actually just ordered those jeans because of your recommendation! They were on a crazy sale so I bought those and the regular Rockstar jeans too, just to see how I like them. Now I just have to hope I bought the right size!!!

    2. GUESS WHAT. I ordered several pairs of Old Navy pants and you were so right! I ended up keeping the Rockstar jeans and returning the jeggings (only because I promised myself I would only keep one pair) but I’m totally getting those jeggings in the future. SO COMFY!!!!

      1. Awesome!! I’m so glad to hear that. I was a little nervous that maybe I just got lucky with the perfect pair. haha What color/wash did you end up buying? Inquiring minds want to know. 😉

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