Stranger Things Inspired Outfit + Dallas Fan Days Preview

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dallas-blogger-dallas-comic-con874If I say the words “Stranger Things” and you’ve seen the show, you will probably have some kind of ridiculous reaction. I know for me personally it’s usually something along the lines of “OH MY GOSH IT’S SO GOOD YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!!!” Soooo when I saw this shirt pop up on Totally Good Time’s Instagram, I knew I had to get my hands on it.

When it came time to build this outfit, my original idea was to go for something witchy and dark. I have a floor length tulle skirt I wanted to wear with my shirt tied up and a black felt hat. The problem is, I put it on and when I tied the shirt up, you couldn’t read Will’s name. That wasn’t going to work.

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Photos by Taylor Gardner/Dallastyle Blog

Instead I decided to take this look in a totally different direction – I decided to draw inspiration straight from the show itself. The kids usually keep it simple but something about their clothes says a lot, and that’s what I wanted to do with this look. Jackets are obviously a huge part of their wardrobe so I grabbed my favorite denim jacket. It still didn’t give quite enough dimension so I decided to layer a hoodie underneath! If the weather is cool enough, I would really recommend throwing a hoodie underneath your denim jacket. It gives such a cool, effortless vibe but if you’re wearing jeans and a t shirt, it looks way better than just wearing one of the 2 jackets on their own.

I pulled out my most vintage looking sneakers (how perfect are they?!) and then topped it off with my new favorite accessory….my 11 Eggo earrings designed by my husband! More on that below 🙂 I also wore my tattoo choker because duh. I love this look because jeans and a t shirt is such a staple but with a few additions you can make it feel like more of an “outfit” (someone remind me of this next time I run to the grocery store, okay?)

dallas-blogger-dallas-comic-con890 dallas-blogger-dallas-comic-con880 dallas-blogger-dallas-comic-con915

Shirt: c/o Totally Good Time ($24 and available here in tons of styles!) | Earrings: Poly|Gen Studios ($10 but not listed yet – contact me to order) | Hoodie: this is actually my work hoodie 🙂 | Denim jacket: Thrifted $5 | Jeans: Old Navy | Shoes: Ross (old!)

So why am I wearing a Stranger Things shirt? Well, besides the fact that it’s just a great show, Dallas Fan Days is this weekend! If you’re on the fence about attending, I wanted to go ahead and tell you guys some of the things I’m super excited about so you can get your ticket and join me!

If you want to read more about my experiences at Dallas Comic Con/Dallas Fan Days, click here!

  1. Poly|Gen Studios (aka my husband’s business) is making it’s convention debut! There will be tons of amazing prints and stickers and 3D printed jewelry! Yep, the 3D printer has been running basically nonstep in my house the last two weeks. My favorite piece might just be the 11 Eggo earrings I’m wearing in this post. They’re limited edition so make sure to get yours early before they run out! If you’re not local and you would like to order some, just let me know – $10 a pair!
  2. Speaking of 11….MILLIE BOBBIE BROWN WILL BE THERE! Obviously everyone was obsessed with 11 but the obsession with the Stranger Things kids grew much deeper once they started making appearances. They’re all so great! Her panel is definitely a “must see” event.
  3. Lots of cosplay! I’m hoping since this con falls so close to Halloween we’ll see even more cosplay than normal! I know Sevi, Denise and I will all be dressing up on Saturday so keep your eyes peeled on social media for that!
  4. Wild Bill’s Soda. I’m not even ashamed of how much I love this soda, y’all. And since my husband is manning a booth I know I’m going to be there all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday so I’m about to consume a LOT of soda.
  5. SO many other great guests! Matthew Lewis (aka Neville Longbottom) will be there, so I’m excited to attend another Harry Potter panel. I missed out on Fred and George Weasley last time around so I WILL be attending this one. This 90s girl is also stoked to see Christian Slater, Tori Spelling and Ian Ziering. You can check out the rest of the guests here.


Tickets are available here! The schedule is out so if you’re only looking to see a few guests you can always buy a single day pass. I would recommend getting the 3 day pass if you can swing it – there’s SO much to see and do that it’s worth being able to go all three days.

  • Are you a Stranger Things fan?
  • Who’s your favorite character?


3 thoughts on “Stranger Things Inspired Outfit + Dallas Fan Days Preview

  1. I just started it the other night and OH MY GOD. I’M IN LOVE. I never want those kids to grow up at all. I’m only on the third or fourth episode but I’m already dreading the second I finish the season.

    LOVE those earrings. And the shirt. And the shoes.

  2. Like I said on Facebook, this outfit is just a slam dunk for me. Probably because I wear some variation of this almost every day. I have a Stranger Things shirt that I’m getting in the mail tomorrow that I cannot wait to wear! I also think Dallas Fan Days sounds like a blast. I can’t wait to see your recap from that.

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