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dallas-blogger-valery-brennan496Every once in a while, I  put on an outfit that is just 100% me. I feel totally in my element and each piece represents who I am in some way. This outfit is that outfit.

A while back, I described my style as “eclectic edge.” Although my style has evolved a lot in the last year, I’m proud to say that “eclectic edge” is still who I am. Just a little more grown up. When I was planning this outfit, it felt like a little much. All the “rules” of fashion tell you to choose one statement piece and build an outfit around it, but I’m happy to say every single thing I’m wearing is a statement piece and I love it. 

Rules are meant to be broken, y’all. So let’s break it down piece by piece.

dallas-blogger-valery-brennan492dallas-blogger-valery-brennan409The coat
– This coat was actually purchased for my Edward Scissorhands photoshoot. I was on the hunt for a faux leather jacket but didn’t want to spend much (story of my life), and thank goodness this beauty was on clearance at Forever 21. I can’t remember the exact price but I thiiiiink it was around $10. I’d say $20 tops. It has a lot of embellishments on it and sometimes I feel like it’s a bit much, but for this outfit it just felt right.

The skirt – This bronze pleated skirt has been on my wishlist for a while (or at least something similar). Zara had a gold pleated skirt I was eyeing but it sold out before I could pull the trigger, which is probably for the best since it was $50. Then I was browsing Charlotte Russe and ran into this one for less than $20! I love the bronze color even more than true gold because I think it will be a lot more versatile and easy to dress up or down. It’s also really comfortable so….double win. BTW it’s still available – you need it for the holidays for real.

dallas-blogger-valery-brennan499 dallas-blogger-valery-brennan442dallas-blogger-valery-brennan421The shirt – Nothing super special about this vintage style Beatles crop, but if you know me you know how much I love the Fab Four. This was just one that I picked up from Forever 21 a year or so ago, but I wear it ALL the time. Also, I’m super stoked because band tees are really coming back “in” so I’m seeing tons of new ways to style them!

dallas-blogger-valery-brennan469The boots – Another one of those pieces I was eyeing for a while. And I’ve actually been waiting to wear them on the blog for months! They’re Jeffrey Campbells with an amazing dog print on them – like those tote bags little old ladies used to carry back in the 90s…do y’all remember these?! I found these shoes on Poshmark in my size and just couldn’t do it right away. Even though they were less than retail they were still a bit pricey for me. After thinking on it for a few days (and selling some items on Poshmark to offset the cost), I decided to go for it and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to wear these all through fall and winter, even though they’re a big statement piece, the pattern is subtle and neutral enough that they’re easy to wear.

dallas-blogger-valery-brennan406I hope this look inspires you to break some rules! Throw on as many statement pieces as possible and freaking ROCK it. 

  • What fashion rule do you love to break?
  • Are there any pieces that have been on your wishlist lately that you haven’t bought yet? What’s keeping you from pulling the trigger?



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