Embracing the Dark Side: Star Wars Outfit

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star wars outfitAnother day, another Star Wars outfit, y’all. By now I’m sure the majority of you have seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I saw last Thursday night and then again Friday at noon. Already itching to see it again, if I’m being honest.

Star Wars Outfit Dallas Fashion Blogger_2889 copysmallerStar Wars Outfit Dallas Fashion Blogger_2878 smallerI won’t give any spoilers, I promise, but I wanted to share this with you guys because it’s important. Whether you like Star Wars or not, this movie is a big deal. Yes, it’s the reboot of a huge franchise, yes it helps us forget about the prequel trilogy and yes it broke all kinds of records this past weekend. BUT more importantly, this movie means something. It’s a science fiction movie where the leads are a young black man and a strong young woman. Speaking specifically to our heroine, Rey, she’s fiercely independent, beautiful, kind and her story doesn’t revolve around a male character. Sevi also sent me this article that points out that this is the first Star Wars movie to pass the Bedchel test. In other words, this is the first Star Wars movie where two female characters discuss something other than a man. THE FIRST TIME.

Star Wars Outfit Dallas Fashion Blogger_2856 smaller Star Wars Outfit Dallas Fashion Blogger_2906webStar Wars Outfit Dallas Fashion Blogger_2869 smallerI could go on but I’m worried I’ll spoil something and I definitely don’t want to be that person. Just know that this movie is culturally significant and so many kids have two amazing young characters to look up to. Go see it and cry tears of happiness thinking about how great it is that Rey and Finn exist. Oh, was that just me? Okay…

Star Wars Outfit Dallas Fashion Blogger_2886 smallerOKAY now on to the Star Wars outfit I promised. First thing’s first, let me say I freaking love this dress. BUT if you order the similar one I linked below just know that it runs very small. I’m wearing a large, just for reference. That being said, a pair of Spanx and the fact that it’s black were my saving grace! I wanted to make the look a little more casual with some simple black sneakers and a denim jacket. I put on a necklace originally, but this look just felt more right without one.

I love maxi dresses sooooo hard. There’s something so chic about a long dress, even if it’s a really casual one. They just make me feel so tall and elegant…is that normal? Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels that way!

Star Wars Outfit Dallas Fashion Blogger_2884smallerDress: ThinkGeek ($40; sold out, but here’s a Tatooine version!) | Denim Jacket: Buffalo Exchange ($20; similar here) | Sunnies: Buffalo Exchange ($10; similar) | Sneakers: Target ($15; exact) | Earrings: ThinkGeek ($10/old; BB8 earrings here!) | Purse: TJ Maxx ($29; cute cobalt tote here)

Have you seen Star Wars yet? If not, WHY THE HECK NOT?! Feel free to use the contact form to chat about your favorite parts. I’m not joking.


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