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If you were a 90s girl, chances are you were a Spice Girls fan. I KNOW I sure was and you know who was always my least favorite? Sporty Spice. I couldn’t stand her clothes and (like a total dummy), I thought she had the worst voice. I’ve been listening to a lot of Spice Girls lately – DON’T JUDGE ME – and y’all….Mel C can SANG. I’ve started to love that Sporty Spice didn’t fit into the box of femininity and she just did her own thing but she always looked amazing!

dallas-fashion-blogger-valery-brennan-8553 dallas-fashion-blogger-valery-brennan-8526

When I got these outfit photos back from the amazing Stephanie Drenka, I realized this outfit was totally channeling Sporty Spice! I’ve never been into athletic wear but I saw these tuxedo joggers on clearance at Target, I knew it was the perfect way to infuse a bit of a sporty look into my wardrobe. I didn’t want it to look too feminine so I paired the joggers with heels and a crop top. The crop top is on clearance now, only available in size large (which is what I’m wearing – it definitely runs small so only order if you’re normally a S/M).

dallas-fashion-blogger-valery-brennan-8541 dallas-fashion-blogger-valery-brennan-8549

Ready to steal my style? Recreate the whole look for under $150 or mix and match with pieces you already have! The pants are full price online but it might be worth checking your local Target because I got mine on clearance for only $12!


Similar crop top ($20) | Exact crop top ($10, only size L left)Tuxedo Jogger Pants (exact $25) | BCBG shoes – perfect Valentino dupe! (exact $70)

Are you working the athletic trend into your wardrobe? Channel your inner Sporty Spice and do it!


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17 thoughts on “Sporty Chic

  1. Couldn’t resist singing “tell me what you want, what you really, really want” while reading this post! lol I’m totally getting Scary Spice vibes from this post! i love that you pair the unexpected together in a way that’s totally you but oh-so-right!

    Sending love your way Valery!


  2. You are so fabulous with your sports look in the heels and your pink hair makes everything pop even more. Love this outfit & the fact that you go outside of the comfort zone to get your fashion on. Love! xx,

  3. I love your style! Also, I have been wanting pink hair for quite awhile now and don’t have the courage to do it, so I am also slightly jealous of you!

    xoxo Amanda
    The Miller Affect

  4. You are WEARING those pants. You are so on trend and rockin’ it. I love how you’ve paired some sparkly earrings with the sporty joggers and crop top. They compliment the outfit well and bring just the slightest dainty touch to the look. On point!

    Cameron Proffitt

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