September 2017 Small Goals

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Oh boy. We’re closing out the third quarter of the year. Goodness gracious. Per usual, a new month means I’m linking up with Nicole of Writes Like a Girl for small goals. Before we get into this month’s goals, let’s see how I did last month! Spoiler alert – it was not great.

  1. Get a library card and check out my first book – Hard no.
  2. Plan a trip to Dallas/Fort Worth – Nope. I mean, I thought about it and I looked at flights but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. In my defense, I’m waiting to hear about when my nephew’s birthday party will be but…yeah, it didn’t happen.
  3. Finish my cloffice and share it – lol…I’m going to stop putting this on my list and hopefully it will happen eventually!
  4. Maintain a cleaner home with focus on the living room, dining room and my office – I actually did this! I’ll be honest, it wasn’t because this was on my small goals list. I totally forgot about that.
  5. Post 3 YouTube videos – Nooooo I only got two done! Either way, I’m glad those got done and I’m really proud of how they turned out!

Okay. One out of five. Good work, Valery! Annnnnd here’s what’s on deck for September. I’ve already written these down and put them into my planner so I actually *remember* what I’m supposed to be doing for September.

  1. Establish a new style ID – For the last few years, I’ve defined my style as “eclectic edge” but I’m starting to feel like that isn’t quite me anymore. It’s close, and I’m definitely still an “edgy” blogger but I need to be more descriptive. I’m going to (FINALLY) work my way through Nicole’s Feel Good Dress Better workbook, with a special focus on the Style ID portion. So excited to figure this out and tell you guys more about Feel Good, Dress Better!
  2. Be more intentional with blogging – I’ll be honest, I love blogging but lately it has felt like more of an obligation. I “need” to post three times a week (even though I rarely do), I “should “ post on Instagram daily and I am “supposed to” be posting on Facebook all the time. I rarely do any of it and the obligations are starting to really wear me down. I’ve decided to cut back on blogging and post twice a week but make sure those are really valuable, in depth posts. That gives me more time to be on social media engaging with people and promoting my own content. Maybe eventually I can work back up to three times a week, but for me two seems doable right now. I promise they’ll be great posts <3
  3. Get a new schedule in place – My current schedule for work/life balance isn’t really working, I plan on using this month to make some adjustments to make life a little more manageable for me. (Blogging less will definitely help).
  4. Workout regularly and stick with Insanity Max 30 – I just finished up a three week workout and nutrition program, Shift Shop, and now I’m ready to start my next program! This one’s a two month program and it seems like it’s going to be TOUGH but I can’t wait to get stronger and have more stamina. I’m tired of having to stop a million times on hikes because my lungs aren’t strong enough.
  5. Paint/organize linen closet and paint dining room – I’m writing this a few days early so if all goes according to plan, the linen closet will be done by the time you’re reading this. We bought shelving from Ikea and have to install it, but the closet has to be painted first. We also have several rooms left to paint in the house, but I’d love to get the dining room finished this month so we can start hanging things on the walls!’

Phew, that’s it! I feel like this post is really long for small goals so thanks for sticking with me. Happy September, and let me know what you’re working on this month. Let’s get better together, babes!


3 thoughts on “September 2017 Small Goals

  1. I feel like I am always struggling to find a work/life balance. Working full time and trying to maintain a blog all while keeping my house clean and food made is hard! Not to mention I have the worlds neediest dog lol, not complaining about that! Good luck on your goals this month! Here’s what I’m working on!

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