Revisiting NYFW + Win a Trip to NYFW!

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NYFW Giveaway

First off – have you entered the $500 Nordstrom giveaway yet? No? Go do that first. 

Last year, I wrote a post called NYFW Confessions. In that post, I basically said that New York Fashion Week aka NYFW doesn’t consume me and that I care more about what you wear than who you’re wearing.

One year later, and I’m pretty much still in the same place. I always say (maybe mostly to myself) that everything you put on should have a purpose. I never wear something because of the brand or where you can find it. NO shade to Lily Pulitzer or any LP fans, but I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing LP. Yes, it’s lovely for some folks but it doesn’t work for me. My personal style is “eclectic edge” and LP doesn’t fit into that category. AND THAT’S OKAY!


Photo by Lindsay Steele Photography, view the details here (including this Valentino dupes that are now less than $70!)


Head to toe outfit under $50 – view the details here.

I want edge, I want glamour and I want grit. You might want something totally different. That’s the beauty of fashion – there’s literally something for everyone. And that’s kind of the beauty of NYFW – whether you’re into totally-not-wearable-super-high-fashion (I’m looking at you, Kanye West), ultra feminine preppy wearables, or you prefer street style, there’s something for all of us.


Full look (including jewelry) under $75, details here.

I won’t be attending Fashion Week but guess what…you might. And you might be doing it on my dollar. Yep, that’s right. We’re giving away a trip to NYFW. You’ll have to find a way to get yourself into the shows but if nothing else you’ll BE THERE! Oh, and did I mention the $400 shopping spree? I did now.

The details:

  • NYC // September 11-13
  • Prize includes a $400 flight voucher, 2 free nights at the Hudson Hotel & a $400 SHOPPING SPREE!
  • Each entrant can enter up to 161 times. All entries will be verified. Each entry improves your chance of winning! Must be 18+ years older to enter. International applicants welcome! This giveaway will end at midnight on August 12th and the winner will be picked at random. If you win, you must answer our email within 48 hours to claim the prize or it will go to the next winner.

What the heck are you waiting for?!? Start entering NOW!!!!

New York Fashion Week Giveaway

34 thoughts on “Revisiting NYFW + Win a Trip to NYFW!

  1. I think I would think something was wrong if you wore LP…it’s totally not you! Part of why I love blogging is because everyone can do their own style and it doesn’t mean someone elses style is wrong or bad. Ie, if I tried to wear your dinosaur necklace, everyone would think I was a poser. You on the other hand rock it like a champ and I love you for it!

    you do you, and i’ll do me;) YOURE AWESOME!

    Southern Elle Style

    1. Haha EXACTLY! I think LP is so cute on you (and other folks) but if I wore it I would look so weird lol. There’s room for all of our different tastes and I love that we can still find inspiration in what the other person wears….just maybe twist it a little to make it our own. 🙂

  2. I absolutely love your style!! You remind me so much of my sister which is totally a good thing!! Your style is super edgy but still super feminine. I know I don’t personally know you but your style totally seems to fit your personality! Keep being an aweomse bad ass chick and inspiring all of us with your edgy feminine style! I wish I could rock some of your looks!


    1. Thank you so much, Taylor! One of my favorite things about clothing is how it can express who we are on the inside. I’m a weird, eclectic person and I think how I dress kind of fits that lol.

    1. Yessss or a mix of high end luxury and Target! I do think a lot of bloggers are steering away from only posting high end stuff but I do still notice some people use affiliate links that go to more expensive stuff so they can make more money. Not cool.

  3. Love this and I love that you don’t compromise yourself or your style! I love the edgy look to all of your outfits!!

    xoxo Amanda

  4. You are ROCKING every single look in this post! Seriously crossing my fingers that the NYFW giveaway goes my way! hehe 😉
    xx, Victoria

  5. I love this because I feel like some bloggers including myself get so caught up in the brands they are wearing they forget the entire side of fashion of being yourself!!!
    Great post! Plus I love all the outfits you rocked!!


    1. Thanks Brooke! It’s an easy thing to do, I’ve found myself being drawn to stuff just because I see it over and over again and then I have to kind of snap myself out of it and be like what the heck, I don’t even like that for myself! haha

  6. You have such great style! I love how this post highlights that everyone’s style should reflect who they are as a unique individual! I agree that NYFW has a little bit for everyone! Such a fabulous giveaway 🙂

    xo, Christina

    1. Thanks so much, Christina! I used to kind of think fashion was really “exclusive” but the more I learn, the more my eyes have opened to the diversity and how much there is for EVERYONE!

  7. I would totally be caught in LP, but since I didn’t spend the night in front of Target I don’t think I’ll ever own a piece. I like your thinking of how effective the clothing actually is…not just about the brand or name of it but also what it does and its benefit. I’m a practical clothing wearer. I’m usually in a tee and jeans, but the accessories and makeup “make” my look. Plain Jane with a full face of makeup & jewelry. There’s my style for ya! xx

    1. Lol seriously that Target line was OUTTA CONTROL! I wonder if you can find any like on Poshmark or eBay? That’s how I got my Prabal Gurung for Target stuff! I’m all about a plain look with killer accessories and makeup too! And it totallyyyy works for you!!!

  8. I LOVE your style and that first picture is seriously stunning. I would love for you to style me one time! haha

  9. I really, really love your style!
    This is a great reminder to stay true to yourself and to not get caught up in what’s popular and put that above keeping your own style!
    You are totally rockin that hair too!
    CS Gems

    1. Thanks so much, Elle! It has taken practice but now I mix patterns regularly without much thought – I think it’s just a matter of training our brains that patterns CAN and do go together!

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