That One Time I Met Hanson

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This weekend, I’m headed out to Tulsa. Why, Tulsa? (But seriously, why does it have to be Tulsa?) Because that’s where Hanson is from, and that’s where Hanson Day happens.

Yep, I’m a huge Hanson fan. HUGE, Y’ALL.


And I’m not freaking ashamed. Their music is good, they seem to be good people, and they’ve been doing what they love for over 20 years now. It’s weird how people always snicker when I say I like Hanson but it’s fine. I’m not going to sit here and talk about why I think they’re awesome (but I will leave some links to their videos if you’re open to checking them out!) Instead I’m going to tell you about my history with Hanson.

Back in fourth grade, they were my favorite band. I had a t shirt that got loaned to a teenager at my church – she never gave it back. I’m still mad about it. After their first album, Hanson kind of faded away because of a record deal gone sour and I got older and “too cool” for them. For years, I was the one who snickered, I thought their music “sucked” and that was that.

Then in 2007 I came across their new music. I honestly don’t even remember how but HOLY goodness that album is good – probably still my favorite. Anywho, I was a Freshman in college, I was newly single and I was an hour and a half from a Hanson show. So I drove to Houston and saw them alone. And it was the best.

Fast forward a few years, loving Hanson and forever defending myself, and I was attending a conference for college students who booked shows at their schools. It was a great opportunity to meet and network with musicians and booking agents but also….Hanson was going to be there. And they were going to be signing autographs.

So yeah, I went thanks to my beloved college organization MSC Town Hall and I stood in line to meet Hanson. I had a very important dinner to attend that night but I was NOT going to miss out on this opportunity. Thank goodness my buddy Josh was willing to iron my shirt while I stood in line…seriously forever grateful to him for that. I made it to the front of the line and chatted with the bros for like fifteen seconds. I remember one of them said something about Texas Tech and the other said I’d never book them because I went to A&M. I laughed or something. I don’t know but it was awesome.

I also met Pauly Shore and Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell at that conference. Sadly, no photo with Mr. Belding but he’s a surprisingly great motivational speaker.

185750_1559475316561_99027_nThis weekend I’m so excited to drag one of my besties, Sevi from Ware is the Vodka, along with me to meet Hanson again. This event is so cool, y’all. Art, lectures, a dance party, an intimate concert….say what you want about Hanson, but they really appreciate their fans. Make sure to keep up with us on social media – I’m pretty bad at Snapchat but I’ll try to make sure I share a lot there! I’m @valerybrennan on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.


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