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It’s been a little quiet around here since last week and honestly, last night I was feeling super stressed and guilty about it. I got back into town on Sunday and I’m still recovering – my house is a disaster and on Friday I’m leaving town again to do wedding flowers for a good friend in Oklahoma.*

I need a vacation.

So I’m taking one. For some reason, bloggers get pressured into NEVER taking breaks. Even ┬áif we go out of town and don’t get on our blog for a week, we still bust our butts the week before scheduling all the posts and social media for it. So you’re still doing all the work, just cramming it into a week. Getting one week’s content out is hard enough, but scheduling everything for TWO weeks? That’s crazy.


I’m setting a precedent here – there’s no reason why bloggers can’t get a dang break just like everyone else. I wanted to just go ahead and let y’all know I’m going to be out for a few days so you don’t think I’m just ghosting on you. I’ll be back next Wednesday so keep your eyes peeled. Until then, you can find me cleaning my house, prepping for this wedding this weekend and watching some dang tv.

*Edit: probably should’ve specified this earlier, but this is actually my last wedding, at least for the foreseeable future. Thanks for understanding, babes. <3


2 thoughts on “On Vacation

  1. Get it, girl! I’ve taken “vacations” from my blog the last two summers and they are glorious. I take a month off to just reset myself and my focus. It’s really the best thing you can do when you have a cyber job. Have a stellar break!

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  2. I’m totally on board with this. I was just on vacation for two and a half weeks, and I scheduled some stuff for the first week thinking I’d do some posts while out of town, then NOPE. I think it’s fine to take a break. It’s different if it’s your job and your sole source of income, but this is (and will always be) a side project for me, so I just don’t stress out about it. Plus, I think content seems more genuine if it’s in real time. I didn’t even read blogs while I was gone, so now I’m going through and clearing out my feed.

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