Off to the Windy City! | Monday Hangover

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It’s Monday, so that means it’s time for Monday Hangover with Sevi of Ware is the Vodka! I’m not going to bother recapping Friday and Saturday, because it was really just working and prepping for my trip.


I DID record a new YouTube video. Much to my dismay, the whole entire thing is out of focus, which is SO annoying. My plan was to put the dang thing up anyway but the internet at the place we are staying is pretty bad and after letting it upload ALL night it still said it had 6000 minutes left. So that’s going to have to wait!

Sunday I got up at 7AM and headed to the airport. Despite nasty, rainy weather in Dallas we made it to Chicago all in one piece. Everything went according to plan EXCEPT we were counting on takingUber or Lyft from the airport but I guess they’re actually not allowed to pick up from the airport. Sounds like a conspiracy to me. After a quick Google, we did something (somewhat) sketchy and took a free shuttle to a nearby hotel and then had Lyft pick us up from there. Speaking of which, I had never used Lyft before but we had a really good experience! If you sign up and use the code VALERY520655 we both get $20 towards a ride!

Instead of staying in a hotel, we opted to use Airbnb and chose an adorable apartment in Humboldt Park. I was feeling a little apprehensive because the person who lives here is also here (we’re staying in a guest room) but he is SUPER nice, so I think it’s going to be a great experience! Plus you really can’t beat $67 a night for a VERY clean, neat, trendy place within walking distance to tons of shops and delicious restaurants. Also, he has the cutest cat ever, Winnie. She’s the best.


After a much needed nap during a Chicago rainstorm, Jeff and I ventured out to see what kind of shenanigans we could get ourselves into. We discovered there was a Lou Malnati’s about a mile away and our dinner plans were made! After about a 20 minute walk in the rain, we arrived…only to open the door and see no tables. It’s carry out only. So we would have to wait thirty minutes and then eat our pizza…on the curb? No thanks.

We walked around a bit and stumbled into Sultan’s Market. YOU GUYS. Mediterranean food heaven. So reasonably priced and absolutely delicious. Mediterranean food has quickly become my favorite kind of food and Sultan’s Market did not disappoint. Plus, you really can’t beat $16 for dinner for two, including drinks.

Since it was Sunday evening, most of the local shops were closed but we did go into a few places. Our next stop was the arcade themed bar, Emporium. Jeff and I spent a few bucks and got some tokens, each grabbed a drink and chose our favorite games. I am pretty terrible at most arcade games (I’m looking at you, Frogger) but I DID last longer in The Simpson’s game, so I’m going to call that a win.


All in all, a pretty successful first day in Chicago. The rest of the week should be filled with deep dish pizza, tourist hot spots, Italian beef sandwiches and whatever else the Windy City has to offer.

Stay Tuned!



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