October Small Goals

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web-mountain-photoEeeeek I’m a little late on this but I’ve been in Denver so that’s a good excuse, right? It’s the start of a new month (and the start of the last quarter of 2016…what?!), which means it’s time for small goals! Per usual, I’m linking up with Nicole of Writes Like a Girl and per usual, there’s lots of good stuff on the post so check it out!

Here’s a look at last month’s small goals:

  1. Get rid of my extra clothes – Done! I took them all to my little sister. Getting money for them would’ve been nice but just getting them out of the house felt good.
  2. Apply for more sponsored posts – Done! I’m getting back to doing more sponsored posts and I’m thrilled.
  3. Business cards – DONE! So stoked about this one – they should be arriving next week! Make sure to watch Instagram because I’m 100% sure I’ll be posting a photo there. Unless they suck…which they won’t!!!
  4. Post on Instagram at least 28 times – Sooo close but I only posted 24 times. That being said, I think it might just be my most consistent month to date and I’m so happy with my Insta growth!
  5. Finish the blogging courses I have purchased – Done! I actually have a new course to complete now and I’m feeling so motivated.

Four out of five is not too shabby, y’all! I’m really happy with this, especially since – just being honest – I didn’t think about my small goals much this month. I need to get back to putting a sticky note in my planner because that helps me a lot.

Now onto October goals!

  1. Write 3 non sponsored posts per week – As much as I enjoy sponsored posts, I want to try to ake sure I’m still giving you guys lots of non sponsored content.
  2. Create lots of Fall and Winter outfits – Initially this goal was to create a fall and winter clothing wishlist, but I realized I could do better. Instead I am going to create a big list of fall and winter outfits I can make using clothes I already own. There may be some things I add here and there, but using what I have is top priority.
  3. Clear out summer and spring clothes – This one’s going to be tough but I plan on going through EVERY spring/summer item I own so I can get rid of anything I didn’t wear this year.
  4. Take better care of myself while working (inspired by Nicole) – A few things are included here: better posture and more time working from my desk, getting up and walking at least once per hour, and drinking more water. When I work, both my day job and on my blog, I’m so bad about just plopping myself on the couch and busting work out for hours at a time. Sure it can be good for productivity but it’s way too hard on my body. Gotta practice self care.

I’m limiting myself to four goals this month but I think these are going to be pretty difficult for me. Nothing wrong with a good challenge, right? Don’t forget to check out Writes Like a Girl so you can get inspired by the small goals posted by everyone else in the link up!

  • What are you working on this month?
  • If you work from home (or blog) how do you take care of yourself when you’re being a workaholic?! #help


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