November Small Goals

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Oh boy. Is it really already November? Yikes. The other day I was complaining about Black Friday sales being announced buuuuut I guess it’s coming up pretty quick! This month is going to be another crazy one but I PRAY it’s not as insane as October was. This past weekend I tried to do absolutely nothing and it was glorious – the five weekends prior to that I was booked solid so my mind and body were both seriously exhausted. I’m really hoping taking some time to recharge will have me back to my best self. Let’s review how last month’s small goals went!

  1. Write 3 non sponsored posts per week – My intentions were good but this one just didn’t happen. Hopefully you guys enjoy the sponsored content I write, I really try to make sure it’s well thought out and just as good as non-sponsored posts. Plus, of course, I never write about something I legitimately don’t like!
  2. Create lots of Fall and Winter outfits – Check! I didn’t save them anywhere but I’ve been working hard to create lots of fall and winter outfits lately. I *think* cool-ish weather is finally here in Texas so I’m excited to start rocking ponchos, cardigans and jackets on the reg.
  3. Clear out summer and spring clothes – Done! I’ve still got some in my house but I went through EVERYTHING and took lots of stuff to Buffalo Exchange. Everything else has been listed on Poshmark (you can find my Poshmark store here!)
  4. Take better care of myself while working – Nope. Didn’t do this at all. As a matter of fact, I think my exhaustion made me do a worse job at this. Yikes.

Now, onto November!

  1. Finalize gift giving lists for everyone + start shopping – I’m usually pretty good at staying organized at Christmas buuuut I wanted to include this just to be sure. I always make a list of the gifts everyone’s getting and how much we have spent and it makes a world of difference! If you don’t already do this, I highly recommend it! 
  2. Get back on track with social media – Straight up, I’ve been terrible about posting my blog posts on social media. Which is really silly. Because what’s the point of writing a post if I don’t tell anyone about it?! Sigh, Valery.
  3. Complete 21 Day Fix – I’m already on day 6 of my 21 Day Fix and honestly….I’m loving it! I have so much more energy and I just feel better. I’ve cut back to two Cokes a week (there was no way I could cut them out completely and honestly, I don’t want to). Excited to see my results after another 2 weeks of this!
  4. Plan some holiday blog content – I am 100% aware that I’m already behind but I need to get some holiday blog content planned! 
  5. Connect with more bloggers – I would love to build more of a community and get acquainted some some more fabulous bloggers. I have a little list going but if you have some suggestions, definitely let me know!

Fingers crossed I can knock all five out! What are you guys working on this month? And per usual, I’m linking up with Writes Like a Girl so make sure to check out the other awesome posts there.



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