Nordstrom Sale Picks for Cheapskates (everything under $50!)

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NSALE PICKS UNDER $50If you follow any fashion blogger besides me, you’ve already heard plenty about the Nordstrom Sale. If not, it’s the wonderful time of year when Nordstrom puts TONS of fall finds on sale…before fall! It’s honestly a sale shopper’s dream because you actually get to buy things on sale before the season hits instead of after! Last night while watching some Friends reruns on Nick at Nite, I caught myself on and had to share some of my favorite picks with you guys! Now y’all know I’m all about keeping it budget friendly so I’ve rounded up my favorite picks under $50, $40, $30 and yes, even $20! If you want to shop for yourself, click the bar below¬†and get started! Otherwise, scroll down for my picks!

Keep in mind since these items are easy on the wallet, they will probably sell out even faster than some of the other NSale items! If you’re crazy about anything, snatch it up now!

Under $50:
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Under $40:
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Under $30:
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Under $20:
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  • Have you bought anything from the NSale yet? Share your best finds!
  • Also, does anyone else feel SO old watching Nick at Nite now that Friends and Fresh Prince are on it? Shouldn’t it be shows for old people?!



2 thoughts on “Nordstrom Sale Picks for Cheapskates (everything under $50!)

  1. I really want you to buy that denim jumper. It’s perfect for all seasons! Imagine a cute turtleneck under it with tights and boots in the winter, and with a pair of cute heeled sandals now! So many good bags in the sale this year. I’m kicking myself for not having saved some of my budget because there are a ton of blouses and jackets I want, womp womp.

    1. Ugh I knowwwww it’s so dang cute! It’s out of stock in my size now but I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for sure.

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