My First Photography Gig, Y’all!

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dallas-blogger-senior-photos987webMost of the time I feel really young. I think I look young and when I watch shows like the OC I still feel younger than the main characters. Then every once in a while something just hits me and I’m like “HOLY COW I’M COMING UP ON 30.” Taking my sister’s Senior pictures was definitely one of those moments.

I was 10 when my little sister was born so I have really watched her grow up. Taking photos of her as a kid was really my first time ever picking up a camera more for “art” sake than to just snap photos of important life moments. I have never pursued photography (or really felt much of a call towards it), but I thought it would be special to take her photos since she didn’t have hers scheduled, or have a photographer in mind. I know for me it’s easier to take photos with people I know and I was hoping I would make my sister feel really comfortable and confident. 

dallas-blogger-senior-photos942web dallas-blogger-senior-photos864web dallas-blogger-senior-photos040web dallas-blogger-senior-photos888webAlso, how unfair is it that seniors now have the most BEAUTIFUL senior photos? I mean honestly, mine weren’t terrible because I refused to go to Glamourshots but they were still pretty awkward. I don’t really know where all the original files are, but here are a few awkward ones I pulled from Facebook – keep in mind these were obviously some of my faves lol. Also I didn’t wear foundation or lipstick in high school….or for these photos. Clearly.

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dallas-blogger-senior-photos939web dallas-blogger-senior-photos002web dallas-blogger-senior-photos866web

I’m definitely not a professional but thanks to this blog I’ve had to learn some about posing, taking photos and editing and I think it paid off. She’s really happy with them and I am too. I’m thiiiiinking about doing more photography on the side but I haven’t fully committed to it yet. Shamefully it’s a fear of rejection that’s really keeping me from it so we’ll see where that goes. 

  • How were your senior pictures? Super cute or super awkward?
  • Is there anything you want to pursue that you’re too scared to take seriously? Let’s encourage each other!



3 thoughts on “My First Photography Gig, Y’all!

  1. Hi Valery!

    These pictures are awesome and that’s so cool that you were the one who took your sister’s senior pictures. My sister is my best friend and I always love to see sisters supporting one another and having fun together! Also, bettering my photography skills is one of my goals for 2017! High fives to both of us and would love to share tips, tricks and resources!


    1. Thank you so much, Emily! You are so sweet. I’m so glad my little sister was willing to be my guinea pig for this shoot haha. You’re going to nail it in 2017! I feel like this is going to be such a great year for a lot of bloggers. 🙂

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