Must Have Items for Traveling Alone

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If you’re heading on any solo adventures, you have to make sure you’re prepared! These 10 items are seriously must haves if you’re traveling, especially by yourself. Click through for my 10 must haves!Full disclosure: I HATE flying. I didn’t travel much until the last 5 or 6 years, so flying just is not a fun experience for me. It’s just not natural to fly through the air if you’re not a bird, okay?! That being said, I love traveling, so I force myself to just suck it up. This week I’m taking my second solo flight ever and I’m a bit anxious about it, so I’m making sure I’m super prepared. Here’s my list of 10 must have items for travel – especially if you’re flying alone!

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  1. Computer – If you’re a workaholic like me, the airplane is prime time to get some work done. I usually try to leave myself some tasks that I can do without wifi (editing photos, drafting out blog posts in my computer notepad, you can even draft out social media posts!)
  2. Kindle/reading material – I love traveling with my Kindle because I can put several books on it and give myself lots of variety! If you don’t have a Kindle, you can use the free Kindle app on your phone or just bring an ol’ fashioned book. Just keep in mind that books and magazines can get heavy! (ps Kindle Fires are suuuuper budget friendly now – here’s the one I have!)
  3. Headphones – Maybe I’m a bad person, but even if I’m not listening to anything, I always have my headphones in. I’m just not interested in “single serving friends,” as Tyler Durden likes to call them. Don’t get me wrong, I like meeting new people, just not when I’m on a plane, terrified. Please leave me alone.
  4. Pepto Bismol/Dramamine – Motion sickness is no joke and even if you don’t deal with it on a regular basis, I highly recommend having some kind of medicine with you just in case. Better safe than sorry. Just don’t forget that Dramamine will make you drowsy!
  5. Water Bottle – You’ll get dehydrated on planes super quickly so don’t forget to have some water on hand! You can take an empty plastic bottle with you and fill it up once you get through security. I hate having to wait for the flight attendants to come by with beverages, plus it’s always nice to have water for takeoff.
  6. Portable phone charger – Becuase you do NOT want your phone to run out of juice, especially when you’re traveling alone. I have this Mophie charger and it works like a charm!
  7. Mints/gum – Another thing that helps with motion sickness/nausea, plus it’s just nice to have them on hand! Gum also helps if your ears need to pop after takeoff.
  8. Sweater/jacket – I get really chilly sitting in the same place for an extended period of time, so I always make sure to have some kind of sweater or jacket handy. Cardigans or sweatshirts work best because they can just be shoved back into your bag.
  9. Ibuprofen – Another one of those “better safe than sorry” things, you just never know!
  10. A snack – No need to have a ton of food, but I highly recommend having a small snack. Even if you only have a short flight, you’re probably still going to be traveling for several hours and you don’t want to have to spend a ton of money at the airport…or worse, on the flight. A tiny can of Pringles is like $5, it’s insane.

That should do it! It sounds like a lot, but seriously….make sure you’re prepared. Especially if you’re traveling alone.

  • Have you ever traveled alone?
  • What are your must have travel items?


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