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Hey everyone! I hope you guys had the BEST weekend! I spent Saturday working ALL DAY on Pinterest and then took a few photos in one of the new Everyday Unicorns summer collection shirts. Thank goodness my sweet husband is always willing to be an “Instagram husband” for me lol. Then Sunday I was super lazy until later in the afternoon and then we spent a few hours with my parents and sisters. My nephew (who is two) LOVED “helping” me take photos of the family, it was so stinking adorable.

Welp since it’s Mail Monday, I guess we should hop to it! If you’re new here, this is really just a roundup post of fun things I got in the mail the previous week. Sometimes it takes me a few weeks to get outfit posts up with new items so I wanted to start sharing them ASAP so you can get a leg up before I get my outfit posts done (especially for clearance items!)


Courtesy of Skechers

Y’all. These shoes are GORGEOUS, I can’t even deal. I’ll be featuring both pairs on the blog soon, but I couldn’t help but share them with you early. They’re both genuine leather and just so cute and comfy. Would you have ever guessed these were Skechers? They’ve really expanded their designs, it’s impressive. You can still get the classic Skechers, but they have lots of other options now too if those aren’t your style!

Kate Gabrielle pins

I’m a huge fan of enamel pins (although honestly, I need to wear mine more!) and Kate Gabrielle is one of my favorite designers. Her stuff is just SO dang cute. Recently, she released some mystery pin boxes – four “imperfect” pins for $9.99. The “flawed” examples she posted looked pretty much perfect to me so I added a box to my cart! I also decided to treat myself to another pin so I could get free shipping. I chose a pin that has been on my radar for a while, featuring a quote from one of my favorite scenes in Spice World! I love all of my mystery pins but I feel weird about the Liz Lemon one…I really hate the term “spirit animal” 🙁 If you have any creative ideas on how to paint that pin or something, definitely let me know! The mystery pin box is sold out *but* she does have a Mystery Pin on her site that’s only $8 (that’s $4 cheaper than most regular priced pins!)

Charming Charlie Accessories

Courtesy of Charming Charlie

Charming Charlie sent me a little box of goodies including a bracelet, earrings, necklace and a beach tote. I love it all, but I’m especially excited about the earrings and necklace – they’re right up my alley! I was planning on wearing the earrings to my parents house for Mother’s Day, until I realized I was going to be hanging out with my two year old nephew – I’m almost certain he would’ve ripped them out of my ears. Crisis averted.

Rebecca Minkoff Booties

Ordered with a Shopbop credit as part of a collaboration.

I cannot tell you how long a pair of velvet booties has been on my wishlist, y’all. Are these completely out of season? Yep. Do I care? Nope. I’m definitely going to wear them once or twice before the heat of summer hits and this fall, get ready to see a LOT of these babies. I decided to be patient and my patience really paid off – regularly $150, I only spent $45! Not too shabby. They’re still available in a few sizes here!

Crisis shirt by dfrntpigeon

Courtesy of dfrntpigeon

I’m SO thrilled to tell you guys about this collaboration – I’ll be doing a full post featuring this shirt sometime in the next few weeks! This shirt comes from dfrntpigeon, their slogan is “fashion for and by young people with an underrepresented voice.” They strive to challenge the perception of youth homelessness and provide marginalized youth with a path to success by partnering with New Avenues for Youth. I’ll be sharing more about dfrntpigeon later, but if you have a moment, definitely check out their site now to learn more!

Did everyone have a good weekend? A happy Mother’s Day? I sure hope so! Cheers, we’re one day closer to Friday!


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  1. That patriarchy shirt is so cute! And I totally get the spirit animal thing. It feels like it cheapens the meaning behind the term and the spirituality it holds with the culture. You might be able to repaint it with some model paint from a game store or craft store in the car model section and then just seal it with the clear paint 🙂

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