Let’s Talk About Thanksgiving, Baby.

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Top: Nordstrom Rack ($7; similar here, ) | Leggings: Charlotte Russe ($10; exact here) | Jacket: Forever 21 via Buffalo Exchange ($15) | Mules: Zara ($25; similar here) | Photos by Taylor Gardner

Look, I know some of you already have Christmas decorations up, but can we talk about how great Thanksgiving week is? With each passing year it seems like we hop into the holiday season earlier and earlier and I’m here to take a stand for Thanksgiving! Because clearly it needs a fashion blogger vouching for it lolz. But seriously, here are 8 reasons why I think Thanksgiving week is the bomb.com.

1. It always falls on Thursday, which means you (almost) always get a four day weekend. Unless you work a job that requires work on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, in which case I say thank you.

2. You get to wear stretchy pants as like….a uniform. No shame in my comfy Thanksgiving outfit game. The outfit in this post is actually what I’m wearing for Thanksgiving this year and I’d highly recommend you wear something similar – a tunic, leggings and some kind of jacket will do the trick. You can also swap the tunic for an oversized sweater. Anything oversized paired with stretchy pants is really the way to go.

dallas-blogger-valery-brennan187 dallas-blogger-valery-brennan213dallas-blogger-valery-brennan2263. It’s not expensive. Usually you just provide one dish (if it’s a large gathering) and a hostess gift, and you’re done. If you’re doing an all out fancy meal, that’s on you because most Thanksgiving food isn’t expensive.

4. There’s no stress to decorate. Got some decorations out? Great. But there’s no obligation.

5. You get to indulge without any kind of guilt. Want half a plate of mac and cheese? Do it to it. Prefer four slices of pumpkin pie? Treat yo’self.

6. There are no gifts involved (besides a hostess gift of course). No awkward “They got me a gift but I didn’t get them anything” or worrying about how much to spend on each person.

7. It’s about being grateful. And I’d say almost all of us could be a little better about taking time to express gratitude (or maybe I’m just talking about myself here? idk).

8. It’s followed by Black Friday. Look, I have to give Black Friday it’s due. It’s the perfect time to get lots of shopping done and get the biggest bang for your buck. I’ll be posting about my favorite Black Friday deals later this week, so keep your eyes peeled for that! The only thing I have to say is if you go shopping on Thanksgiving Day, please be extra kind to the employees. They have given up time with friends and family to be working on that day and they deserve the most kindness you can muster. Address them by name, be VERY grateful and polite. Go above and beyond.
dallas-blogger-valery-brennan244 dallas-blogger-valery-brennan174 dallas-blogger-valery-brennan213 dallas-blogger-valery-brennan173

A quick note…how amazing is this jacket?! I’ve been wanting a fringe jacket but my thrifty self couldn’t bear to spend a pretty penny on it. Then one wonderful day, I went to Buffalo Exchange and this beauty was staring me in the face with a $15 price tag. Believe in the power of secondhand stores, y’all.


  • What do you love about Thanksgiving?
  • What are you making for Thanksgiving day? Share your recipes!


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