Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him or Her!

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Just a few more days left until Christmas! If you’re anything like me, you’re finished shopping but (per usual) you’ve left stocking stuffers until the last minute. Never fear, I’ve got some great ideas for you!

For kids it’s easy to just go grab whatever you can find for stockings but I think adults are a little trickier. I usually don’t spend as much on stockings but I still want stocking stuffers to be thoughtful and useful. These are all things you can grab in store so you still have time to pick them up before Christmas!

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For Her:

  1. Pinrose Petals ($24) – One time use fragrance samples that I have used myself and am just totally obsessed with. Super unique scents + thoughtful packaging. Even if your lady has a signature scent, these have become a travel essential for me. Not sure what scent to get? Just get the sample pack?! Tip: Check the Nordstrom website first to make sure your local store has them in stock.
  2. DIY sugar scrubs ($2+) – Wanna really win her over? Follow this tutorial – she’ll love the thoughtfulness behind this gift! Bonus: Takes less than five minutes & costs almost nothing.
  3. Nail polish ($2+) – This is one of those that might not go over well if she’s super picky but I think it’s worth the risk! She’ll definitely be surprised. Try to stick to a similar shade you’ve seen her wear before. Sinful Colors ($2) is a great drugstore brand, if you’re wanting to spend a little more you can’t lose with Essie ($8).
  4. Kendra Scott earrings ($35+) – For whatever reason, Kendra Scott seems to work for pretty much everyone. They’ve got lots of shapes, styles and sizes. My favorites right now are the druzy studs but their new marble earrings are also to die for. If you’re close to North Dallas, support one of my favorite local businesses and pick them up at the Vintage House! Looks like they’re also 33% off at Nordstrom right now, which is an awesome deal!
  5. Lipstick ($4+) – Another one that is a little risky but I love the idea of my guy picking out lipstick for me! Not sure what brand to get? Just sneak a peek into her makeup bag! Hang onto your receipt just to be safe, and don’t get your feelings hurt if the shade isn’t for her! Lipstick is hard to pick out but she’ll LOVE the thought! If you’re really unsure, just head into the store and show an employee a photo of your gal wearing a lipstick she likes, they’ll be able to help! Great inexpensive option (available at Ulta and Target) is the NYX Round Case Lipstick ($4) or Butter Gloss ($5).
  6. Candles ($5+) – Everyone loves candles. Period.

For Him OR Her:

  1. Socks ($2+) – This is NOT a lame gift, just make them fun! You can grab fun socks everywhere, but I tend to get them at Target and TJ Maxx most frequently.
  2. Nice pens (price varies) – There’s just something really great about having a pen you love. Of course if they never use pens don’t go for this one but if you’ve got a doodler or planner lover, try some Flairs ($12). You can pick them up just about anywhere that has a decent office supply section.
  3. Journal ($5+) – Everyone loves a good journal, even if they’re not a journaler. Moleskins ($12+) are a great option for someone who’s going to be an avid writer but they’re a little pricier. You can find lots of cute inexpensive options at stores like Target, TJ Maxx or even department stores like Nordstrom. Bonus points if you hide a sweet note in there – don’t neglect this step.
  4. Underpants – People love getting undies from their significant other. It’s just science. No need to elaborate here, you know where to get them.
  5. Concert tickets/movie tickets/gift card for a nice dinner/date in an envelope – Another thoughtful gift, but obviously this one can get expensive. For a cheaper option, try tickets to your local zoo, arboretum or a museum. Check out The Dating Divas if you want fun printables to go with it (they have a great freebie section!)
  6. Wide angle photo lens ($20+) – Mostly for the avid photo taker but this will keep your significant other from needing a selfie stick and that’s true love right there. (Side note: I love a selfie stick though). Click here for an affordable option I couldn’t add to the widget above!
  7. Texting gloves ($6+) – Kind of silly but my husband bought me some earlier this month and they’re so helpful! The index finger on the gloves works on touch screens so you don’t have to freeze your fingers to double tap that Insta photo! The good news is, these gloves are common enough now that they carry them at Target at a lower price point! Holla!
  8. Gift cards – Duh. It’s kind of a copout but hey, ya gotta do what you gotta do. But if you’re going to go the gift card route, try to make it thoughtful. Choose a store that they frequent or more of a “treat yourself” store than somewhere they would regularly shop at. Double points if you write a cute note or poem to go with it. You want it to be special!

That’s it! Am I the only one who ALWAYS waits until the last minute for stocking stuffers?! Please tell me I’m not alone! Make sure to leave your favorite stocking stuffer ideas below.


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