KyShadow Dupes | Budget Friendly Dupes for the Kylie Cosmetics Bronze Palette

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KyShadow Dupes. That’s what I was googling at 5:10pm, a mere ten minutes after Kylie launched her Bronze KyShadow palette because they were already sold out. Admittedly I wasn’t fully committed to buying this palette anyway, but I would’ve liked the opportunity! The articles I found when I googled were mostly filled with palettes that had WAY too much shimmer so I knew I was going to have to search for the dupes myself.

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Here’s a description of the KyShadows:

Jasper (matte finish creamy beige), Quartz (satin finish champagne gold), Topaz (matte finish true taupe), Goldstone (satin finish bronze), Citrine (matte finish bright orange), Tiger Eye (matte finish light golden brown), Hematite (matte finish chestnut brown), Bronze (matte finish chocolate brown), Onyx (matte finish black)

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I didn’t have much luck with KyShadow Dupes….at first. Most people are comparing this palette to the Shaaanxo palette from BH Cosmetics – and it’s close, but not quite. Even if the packaging is suspiciously similar….*side eye*. At last, I realized single shadows were the way to go for finding dupes! Morphe seems to offer the best selection of budget friendly single shadows, so I dove into their website.

Full disclosure: I’ve never used Morphe shadows. But also none of us have never used Kylie Cosmetics shadows sooooo let’s keep going with this.

If you decide to treat yourself to the Kylie Cosmetics KyShadow palette, it’s going to run you $42 PLUS $9 shipping in the US (or more if you’re international). Sheesh. The Morphe single shadows are 1.5g compared to the KyShadow 1.4g so they’re essentially the same size. Each Morphe shadow is $2.29, plus if you want a palette to put the pans in, it will run you $3.99 to $9.99, depending on how many shadows you get. That means if you shop the 8 dupes below ($2.29 each) plus a 12 color palette ($6.99) plus shipping (starting at $4), you’ll save yourself like twenty bucks. Count me in.

Jasper Dupe:

Crystal – I really don’t think this shade is necessary if you already have something similar, it’s basically just a base shadow. Crystal is actually a satin instead of a matte, so keep that in mind if you purchase this one.



Quartz Dupe:

Deep Skin – This shade is actually sold out right now and honestly I’m not sure how often they restock but it’s such a great shade for this palette I’m leaving it on the list. So there.



KyShadow Dupes Nuts for YouTopaz Dupe:

Nuts For You – Kylie describes her shade as a “true taupe” so really any light, warm taupe should do the trick.




KyShadow Dupe Buckle UpGoldstone Dupe:

Buckle Up – There’s no description of this one on the Morphe website but it looks like a brown/bronze color with some bronze flecks in it, so I think it will be a good dupe for Goldstone.



KyShadow Dupe SpiceCitrine Dupe:

Spice – Hey, something that’s not a neutral! I love this shade, to be honest. A matte orange will make an awesome transition shade, especially for fall and this one looks SO similar to the KyShadow shade Citrine.



kyshadow dupe caramelizedTiger Eye Dupe:

Caramelized – It’s hard to tell but I think this one’s a tad more brown than Tiger Eye but you can always mix it with a little bit of Spice if you need to warm it up more.



KyShadow Dupe Deep CocoaBronze Dupe:

Deep Cocoa – Does Kylie know what bronze is? This one really cracks me up because it’s not bronze at all, it’s brown. But it’s fine, Kylie. It’s fine.



KyShadow Dupe CoalOnyx Dupe:

Coal – This is another one you might already have on hand, just a straight up black matte shadow.




Hematite is the only shade I really can’t find a dupe for on their site, which is so tragic. But honestly how many orange/brown shades do you really need? I really think you could mix and match the other shades and be just fine.

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Here are a few other shades you can add that will go nicely with the above if you need to fill out your palette:

  1. Castlebay
  2. Creme Brulee
  3. Dazzling This one’s my personal fave.
  4. Granite

So that’s it! Build your own palette and order it from Morphe – plus, if you do that your package probably won’t get stolen in the mail! 🙂

  • Are you a Kylie Cosmetics fan? I promise I won’t judge you!
  • What do you think of this super warm palette? Going to nab one for yourself?


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Kyshadow dupes image

4 thoughts on “KyShadow Dupes | Budget Friendly Dupes for the Kylie Cosmetics Bronze Palette

    1. Hmm so I just looked and honestly they don’t have much in the orange range 🙁 They have LOTS of pretty matte browns though! You can view their matte shadows here
      I really like Central Perk (which is more of a burgundy than orange but still gorg), Crenshaw, Flutes (which is taupe but it seems to read a little orange in the swatches), and I Spy (which is kind of peachy). Hope that helps!

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