Kylie Lip Kit Review | Kourt K + ColourPop Giveaway!

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Kylie Lip Kit ReviewOoooohhhhhweeeee Kylie Jenner has had quite the ride recently. In case you haven’t heard, lots of people are reporting that the wands on their brand new Kylie Lip Glosses are TOTALLY botched. They look awful. The most public shade came from Jeffree Star – and if there’s one person you don’t want publicly hating on your new makeup product…it’s him. Or me.

So I am here to throw some more shade at Kylie, but this time it’s for the Kylie Lip Kit in Kourt K.

Basically – I wasted $35 on the Kylie Lip Kit so you don’t have to. Actually, I wasted $70 on the Lip Kit because I THOUGHT I was going to give one away to one of you (un)lucky readers. Since it’s such a bad product, I sold that bad boy on Poshmark and instead I’m giving away the FAR superior ColourPop Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick. 8 of them, to be exact. (CLICK HERE TO ENTER!)

For the details on Kylie’s Lip Kit and why I hated it so much, watch the video here! 

The short version 

  • it’s insanely drying (moreso than ColourPop, in my opinion)
  • the price is NOT worth it
  • the lip liner bleeds like CRAZY

I was REALLY upset when I realized I couldn’t give away the Kylie Lip Kit anymore, y’all. I thought it would be such a fun giveaway, since it’s such a hot product! But no way was I giving away that garbage. Instead I scoured the internet to find the closest ColourPop dupes to ALL 8 shades of the Kylie Lip Kit (excluding the soon to be released Metallic shades). I haven’t tried these dupes myself but I have plenty of ColourPop lip products and they’re all divine.

ColourPop Lipsticks Giveaway

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So tell me….have you tried the Kylie Lip Kit? Spill the dang beans – are all the shades as awful as this one? Because she totally burned me and I’m definitely NOT giving ol’ Kylie any more of my hard earned dollars. I’d rather buy FIVE ColourPop lipsticks, thank you very much.



Kylie Lip Kit Review

11 thoughts on “Kylie Lip Kit Review | Kourt K + ColourPop Giveaway!

  1. I tried the Kourt K, 22 and two glosses. I shouldn’t have bothered with the glosses because the matte ones were awful. I gave them to my 17 year old daughter and she ended up giving them to her friends, which was fine by me except for the money lost. We love (are addicted to Jeffree Star) and I’ve never tried colorpop so this is exciting. I definitely agree with you and jeffree, Kylie’s are not worth it.

    1. I’m so sorry you wasted your money!!!! I’ve never tried Jeffree Star – kind of scared to develop the addiction lol. ColourPop is seriously amazing, especially for the price range and the shade range. Probably not quite as good as high end but a good sub if you want to spend less!

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