June Small Goals

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CC_Floral_H2Am I the only person who is totally reliant on my planner? Sometimes I don’t reference it for a few days and I get all out of whack – which is EXACTLY what happened to me with yesterday’s post! I don’t usually post on Mondays but Sunday I was feeling excited for the week to begin and got an outfit post ready. BAM – good job, Valery. Oh wait….I was supposed to do my small goals post that day. Awesome.

Soooooo it may be a day late, but it’s here! Don’t forget, I’m linking up with Writes Like a Girl so head that way and check out the other small goals posts! First thing’s first, time to review last month’s goals.

  1. Engage 3x a week on Instagram – HAH. This just straight up didn’t happen. I realized the error of my ways though and I think I’m going to get back on track this month. NO. I WILL get back on track, thanks to the #everydayunicorn challenge (join me!)
  2. Set (and stick with) a flexible cleaning schedule – Totally nailed this one! I’m loving my cleaning schedule and even though I can’t say I do it every single day, it keeps me on track and my house is definitely looking better. Would anyone be interested in a post about my cleaning schedule? If so, let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do!
  3. Reel the spending back in – Check! My husband and I actually revamped our budget and we’re on track to pay off debt WAY sooner than we originally thought. Holla!
  4. Keep my nails looking awesome all month – Check! I kept Jamberrys on all month and loved it.
  5. Drink at least 20 green smoothies – Sigh, I’m sad to say I only got to 15. With going out of town multiple time and just all around stress I didn’t quite get there – but I’m loving green smoothies and definitely plan on continuing this through the summer.

Alright so here’s what’s on the radar for June!

  1. Read 1 book – I had this on my January goal list and now it’s back! Last week I got a library card so I’m STOKED to get tons of free ebooks again. By the way, if you don’t have a library card and you like reading you’re seriously missing out. Now that I have my card I can check out ebooks from the comfort of my own home and it’s the JAM. (Also I never have to return anything aka no late fees).
  2. Bathroom mini redo – I was totally inspired by Nicole’s bathroom redo that she posted, and realized that mine could use a refresher. I have a “gallery wall” up that I’ve never been 100% happy with so it’s time for that to be replaced. I’m not going to go all out but I’m hoping to shift a few things around to make it feel new again.
  3. Clean up and organize my vanity – A few months ago I turned my desk into a vanity but since then it’s just been kind of a mess. Between my headband biz and makeup, not everything has a home and it’s super stressful. Gonna work hard to consolidate and make it feel new again.
  4. Complete a photography course – I bought a beginner photography course from Megan Weaver a few weeks ago but I haven’t made the time to go through it yet. Time to buckle down and get my photography in check!
  5. Propogate, care for and rehome my succulents – I have a few VERY overgrown succulents (apparently they get “leggy” if they don’t get enough sunlight…oops). The great part about succulents is you can remove a leaf and grow that into an entirely new plant! So I’ve removed all the leaves (over 30!) and I’m going to grow those into new plants, then rehome them and move them inside. Wish me luck on this one, y’all.

As you can see, I’m focusing quite a bit on interiors this month. Keeping a clean living room and getting into a cleaning routine has made me realize how much of a difference a neat and organized space makes for my own mental health. Who knew?!

What are you working on this month? Don’t forget to link up with Nicole and check out the posts from other bloggers to get inspired!


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