June Instagram Challenge + I Made a Hashtag and Never Told Anyone

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I know, I know. In my last post I said I was on vacation until Wednesday and I’m back a day early – I just really miss you guys okayyyyyyy?

Back in January, I came up with a hashtag! I thought it was cute and would resonate with a lot of people…oh, but then I never told you guys about it. I think I told two humans. But I kept tagging my own photos with it…and then I kept not telling you about it. SO NOW I’M TELLING YOU! I want to build a little community so use #everydayunicorn on Instagram so I can find your cute photos and we can all connect.

#everydayunicorn is perfect for any photo that has you feeling like the unique, amazing person you are! Cute and quirky photos are welcome.#everydayunicorn (1)

Along with taking a blog break, I’ve kind of been on a (semi unintentional) Instagram hiatus too. I realized that I haven’t posted anything in a whole week….that’s a long time for me! I’ve just felt irritated and uninspired lately. It’s so easy to get stuck in the comparison trap, combine that with a lack of natural photography talent and all the Instagram algorithm changes and I was just plain burned out. I needed something to get me excited about posting daily again.

So I’ve got a challenge…and I want you to join me! One photo, every single day in June. No exceptions. The beauty of an Instagram challenge is (shh, don’t tell anyone) you can plan ahead! Get your photos knocked out early and then post on the days they fit the prompt. Easy peasy. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #everydayunicorn in your photos so I can find you!

Insta challenge June (1)I tried to make sure there was lots of variety in the topics so anyone can participate, not just bloggers! Every single Friday is Gratitude day – this is something that’s really important to me, I don’t want my Instagram account to just be full of photos of me and my clothes and shoes. If you participate, post whatever you’d like on gratitude days, just make sure you’re expressing gratitude to someone or something!

Feel free to share the graphic above, just make sure to tag me (@valerybrennan) please! 🙂

So who’s in?! Comment or tweet me if you’re participating! Can’t wait to see what you post tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “June Instagram Challenge + I Made a Hashtag and Never Told Anyone

  1. I’m in! I definitely like the idea of planning ahead. Even though I feel like I’m cheating if I post an “old” photo, and not something I just took that exact moment. But I really like these hashtags too. I like the idea of the clothes, shoes and makeup ones, but also ones like “get outside”, “florals and fauna”, and “by the water”. This will be a fun challenge. Hopefully I can keep up!

  2. This seems like so much fun and I love this hashtag!!! It’s such a great way to build a community! I’m gonna try my best to do this because I want to post more frequently and what better way than to do it with other bloggers!!!

    Jasmine 🙂

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