It’s Time to Settle an Age Old Debate

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dallas blogger valery-brennan-7436Happy Friday, everybody! We survived another week! I promised this post to my dad quite some time ago, so it’s about time I make it happen. This is something I feel very strongly about, so I’m here to educate you guys.

It’s summer, which mean it’s insanely hot, which means cold beverages are essential. So what kind of ice do you choose? Crushed or cubed? We all know crushed ice is wonderful – there’s a reason Sonic puts it in their drinks and also sells it by the bag. BUT I’m here to reveal a dirty little secret…it’s a scam, y’all!

Well, okay, maybe not a scam…but you’re totally getting screwed out of your beverage. Think about it, when you get a giant drink with crushed ice, doesn’t it seem to disappear really quickly? This is no accident. It’s science!

dallas blogger valery-brennan-7409dallas blogger valery-brennan-7489 dallas blogger valery-brennan-7424Crushed ice means less beverage.

Think about it – smaller ice pieces mean they sit closer together in the cup, leaving less room for your drink. Also certain places (I’m looking at you, Sonic) fill the cup ALL the way up with crushed ice, leaving you with like no soda. It’s a travesty, honestly. So when you go to places with crushed ice, make sure to ask for “light ice” – say it with me…light….ice. Thank me later.

Okay now that we’ve got that taken care of, I guess we can talk about what I’m wearing.

dallas blogger valery-brennan-7410 dallas blogger valery-brennan-7461 dallas blogger valery-brennan-7483 [show_shopthepost_widget id=”1833208″]
I kind of threw this outfit together and I really love how it turned out – I feel like it looks much more put together than I really was that day. It had been a rough 48 hours. Since the top is super feminine, I paired it with edgier shoes, some lace up heeled booties I bought last year at Clothes Mentor.

I already gave details on my top and shorts in my summer clothes haul video – if you missed it, you can check it out here.

dallas blogger valery-brennan-7466dallas blogger valery-brennan-7478
Tank: TJ Maxx ($12; similar here and here) | Shorts: American Eagle ($30; exact here) | Shoes: Clothes Mentor ($25; similar here, here and here) | Hair: Arctic Fox ($12; exact here) | Glasses: Warby Parker ($95; exact here) | Lips: ColourPop Ultra Metallic Lips – Zebra ($6; exact here) | Photos by Stephanie Drenka

So tell me…crushed or cubed ice? I NEED TO KNOW.


3 thoughts on “It’s Time to Settle an Age Old Debate

  1. I love crushed ice lol but only to chew on so thank you for the reminder to ask for “light ice”. And I just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE those shorts! eeeeep! I’m currently losing weight so all of my shorts all falling off and I said I wouldn’t buy new ones until I drop at least 2 sizes but those are sooooo cute I may have to grab a “goal” pair ha ha

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