Is Ipsy Worth the Money?

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Subscription boxes are ALL the rage these days, y’all. I feel like every single day I hear about (and am tempted by) a new box. I just canceled my Rocksbox (RIP, I’ll give you the scoop on that soon) and the Target Beauty Box is month by month, so the only monthly subscription box I receive currently is Ipsy. I’ve had it for six months now, so I figured it was about time I give my review!

Most importantly, since I’m all about affordable fashion and beauty…is Ipsy worth the money?

The short answer – yes. But I guess you might want a little more from me than just “yes” ūüôā


  • Affordable – The box is $10 per month (including shipping!) Let’s be honest, that’s the price of 1-2 items at the drugstore, or less depending on what you buy. You get FIVE products (sometimes full size, usually¬†sample size) and a cute cosmetic bag.
  • Discovery¬†– I would say 75% of the products I receive are things I would never buy for myself, and I think that’s an awesome perk!¬†Just this month I received a sample of the Smashbox primer oil. If you’re familiar with Smashbox, you know their primers are like liquid gold but they’re also priced accordingly. I would never buy a Smashbox primer on my own, but this way I get to try it out and see if it’s actually worth the money! And if not, you basically pay $2 per item so…is it really that big of a deal if you only use it once and pass it on to someone else?
  • Variety – You’ll get a combination of hair products, makeup, skincare products and even brushes! You seriously never know what you’ll get in your box! It’s like every month is your birthday!!!
  • Customized¬†– Before your first box, you take a quiz to determine what items would be a good fit for you. Then after each box, you can also review the items you received to help shape what you get next time around. Some boxes send the same items to every single member, I love that Ipsy tries to make sure you’re getting products that you will actually like.
  • Points!¬†– Each time you review a product¬†or get someone to sign up for Ipsy using your code, you get points that you can redeem later for products. I’ve been an Ipsy member for six months and I’ve already redeemed points for two items – a masque I received in a box that I LOVED and an eye cream that I didn’t receive originally but wanted to try out.
  • Discounts – Most Ipsy¬†brands give out promo codes to Ipsy subscribers, which is a great perk! To be honest I haven’t used any of the promo codes yet, but it’s nice to know¬†you’ve got an option for an additional discount.
  • Packaging – This is kind of silly¬†but I’m including it – they come in a hot pink sparkly mailer! Ultimate happy mail right there.


  • Misses¬†– Unfortunately sometimes you’re going to get things you don’t like. It’s a bummer, but for me it’s not tooooo common. Plus even if I don’t like one of the five products, I still think it’s worth the $10. You can always try to trade with a friend who’s an Ipsy subscriber!

Note: Ipsy used to have a waiting list (which I originally had listed as a con) but it looks like now you can just sign up and start getting your Ipsy bags right away!

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Ready to sign up? You can use this link – just full disclosure, I get points if you sign up ūüôā But this is definitely not a sponsored post! I pay for Ipsy with my own money.

What subscription boxes have you tried? I have never been a Birchbox subscriber so I can’t compare that to Ipsy but I’m sure with a bit of googling you can find a nice comparison between the two.



is ipsy worth the money

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