Introducing…My New Baby! (Not a Real Baby.)

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Cute way to dress up a t shirt - add a jacket and heels! Click though to see more of this spring outfit idea.

When I put today’s post in the calendar, I honestly had no idea it would fall on¬†International Women’s Day. Because of that, I almost rescheduled this post – for some reason, it felt weird talking about my own business on International Women’s Day. It felt too self important. Then I was like “VALERY. Stop being ridiculous, there’s nothing wrong with talking about your accomplishments on International Women’s Day!” Annnnd here we are.

So today, I’m formally introducing you to my new baby, Everyday Unicorns. If you follow me on social media you might already be familiar with the brand. I launched about a month ago and I’ve been adding new designs to the shop ever since. It has become such a fun passion project for me and I’m so happy wit how my vision has played out. You might have some questions so, let’s chat! (I mean, I’m assuming these are the questions you have…if you have more, just ask!)

Where in the world did this idea come from?

If you didn’t know me and my family when I was a kid, this might seem like a really random thing for me to do. I’m not a graphic designer, so why am I creating shirts? (tbh sometimes I ask myself that too). Well, my dear ol’ dad used to own a screenprinting shop! Some of my earliest memories are from Big O’s Screen Printing so the whole field has always been near and dear to my heart. We all know I’m a sucker for nostalgia so linking back to this part of my childhood is really meaningful to me.

Also, if you have ever seen my blog or Insta (or you’ve seen me in real life) you know I LOVE t-shirts. I just do! I’ll always be the person with loads of shirts and they always either have to do with music I love, or something I believe in. Thus, my idea for feminist friendly apparel was born!

Cute way to dress up a t shirt - add a jacket and heels! Click though to see more of this spring outfit idea.

But like, what about the name Everyday Unicorns?

I have been hanging on to the name Everyday Unicorn for a minute now, you might remember my (failed) Instagram challenge back in the day! I’ve used the #everydayunicorn hashtag sporadically but haven’t done much with it. Well, once I was ready to set up my shop….the everydayunicorn domain name was taken. I was heartbroken. So I switched it to and after some thinking, it really grew on me. Now we are a group of Everyday Unicorns…because duh, you’re a freaking unicorn! You are special and there’s no one like you, but you still have to keep on living your normal life every day. You’re an Everyday Unicorn. Got it?

How do you come up with the designs?

I really wish I had a better answer for you, but honestly the answer is…I just do? Something will pop into my head and I make it! I have a running list of words and phrases that I think might work and then I just wait for them to come to fruition. I also want the designs to be fun and quirky (like me, duh). I want the shirts to be something that represents feminism in a way people might not traditionally think of it. You’re strong and you have an opinion but also your shirt might have a cute cat or a unicorn on it. I hope these shirts allow you to express yourself and open the door for conversations with others.

Cute way to dress up a t shirt - add a jacket and heels! Click though to see more of this spring outfit idea.

What are the shirts like?

They’re fab! Bella + Canvas is an amazing shirt company because they combine the two things that matter 1) they’re comfy and 2) they’re responsibly made. Most people opt for American Apparel (RIP) but they’re going out of biz and also I would NEVER sell their shirts anyway. No shade to others who do, because the quality is bomb, but their business practices definitely don’t match up with the vision I have for Everyday Unicorns. A little more about Bella + Canvas – NO sweatshops, a paper free warehouse, the sewing and cutting floor is solar powered and they practice eco-friendly manufacturing by producing minimal waste. The only shirt in my shop (right now) that’s not Bella + Canvas is the baseball tee. I’m hoping to be able to change that soon but as of right now it is what it is.

Thanks for reading, babes! If you like what you see, you can click here to shop or click the “Store” tab at the top of my blog anytime!

You guys are my #1 support system so I’ve set up a coupon code for you guys to use towards your order – enter the code BABE for 15% off your order. This coupon will be good through 3/22 so get to shopping!


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  1. I participated in the #everydayunucorn Instagram challenge! It was fun! Inspired me to look beyond selfies and food pics, and think outside the box. Please consider doing another one! #VBchallenge #valsgals something of the sort lol

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