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Happy Monday, y’all! I’ve seen people do videos of packages they have received recently and I always think they’re fun, so I wanted to join in! Unfortunately I can’t do videos right now (soon, I promise!) so instead it’s here on the blog!

The items you see here are items I’ve received in the mail over the last week or so – some I have purchased with my own money and others I received from brands. Of course, all opinions are my own and I’ll make sure to denote if the package is something I received for free. Also, I probably won’t do Mail Monday *every* Monday…I don’t get that much stuff. So expect to see these posts once or twice a month, and let me know if you like them!

Sam Edelman Yasmina Sandals

Ordered with a Shopbop credit as part of a collaboration.

I wore these out on Saturday night and I really love them! They’re not suuuuper comfortable but I’m hoping they’ll break in more after a few weeks. I love the buckles on these because they’re super trendy but they also make it really easy for them to have a “perfect” fit. Unfortunately this exact style is sold out at Shopbop, but you can grab them in most sizes here or shop similar styles here.

Saints and Sinners Velvet Divine Leave in Conditioner

Courtesy of Saints and Sinners

Y’all. I  have tried a lot of leave in conditioners and this is DEFINITELY one of my new favorites. Top three for sure. For one, the mister is super light, so I feel like it distributes through my hair really nicely instead of just in spots. But also, it’s just a great performing product! My hair feels SUPER soft and I think it makes my hair air dry better too. The scent is really nice too – almost more like a men’s cologne? Definitely unique for a hair product. Click here to learn more about the Saints and Sinners Velvet Divine Leave in Conditioner.

Harry’s Truman Set

Courtesy of Harry’s

This is one I haven’t had the chance to try yet, but I’m obsessed with the packaging! Harry’s is a shave club where you get razors sent to your door monthly. I *always* forget to buy razors at the store and since I have super sensitive skin it’s really important that I always have sharp razors around. Harry’s marketing is targeted towards men but it’s definitely a service women would benefit from as well – most of us know men’s razors tend to be higher quality and less expensive anyway. Really excited to give this a spin! Click here to order this set for yourself!

Completely Bare Hair Removal Spray and Numbing Mist

Courtesy of Completely Bare

This is another one I haven’t tried yet, but I’m a huge fan of this brand and have bought tons of their products! The numbing spray is especially enticing to me because I use their wax strips often – I’ll make sure to report back and let you guys know how they work!

Clairol FLARE Me Permanent Cream Colors

Courtesy of Clairol Professional

If you follow me on Insta you might have already seen this one, but I received this BEAUTIFUL package from Clairol a few weeks ago. I literally screamed when I opened it! I haven’t tried these colors yet, but if you try them for yourself make sure you *know* what color you want! Unlike most fantasy colors, these are permanent so it’s definitely more of a long term commitment. Click here to shop these shades!

Rodial and Nip + Fab

Courtesy of Rodial and Nip + Fab

Another round of products that was sent to me – so far I’ve tried the Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme, Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot and the Suede Lips lipstick. The cleansing pads are a bit intense for my sensitive skin, but they’re still nice to have and would work well for those with less sensitive skin. The lipstick is BOMB, y’all. It’s a great “your lips but better” option and even though it’s a very matte it’s really comfortable to wear. And the nice thing is, since it’s a suede matte you can easily throw a lip balm over it if you start to feel too dry. If you read my skincare post, you know how much I love hyaluronic acid so this serum is a good one too! It has some fragrance and I think that might have broken me out a bit, but stress has also gotten the best of my skin lately so it might have been that too. Click here to shop Rodial and here to shop Nip + Fab.

Glamourdolls Lisa Frank Angled Blush Brush

I was the 22nd backer on the Lisa Frank x Glamourdolls Kickstarter campaign…I am serious about my love for Lisa Frank, y’all. So of course I had to order this blush brush from Glamourdolls! Their brushes are mediocre (just being honest) but for the price they’re pretty decent. But hello, this brush is gorgeous, how could I not buy it?! Click here to order this brush (and other goodies from the collection!)


Courtesy of No7

Last but not least, No7 sent me a box of goodies that WILDLY exceeded my expectations! I haven’t tried any of them yet but I’ll be dedicating an entire post to these products soon. They have an amazing new app that does shade matching through your phone – sounds sketchy but it’s really promising! Be on the lookout for a review of that and these products very soon. Click here to shop No7.


10 thoughts on “Introducing…Mail Monday

  1. This is a friggen brilliant series idea. I want to steal it but I’m just so happy you came up with it that I probably won’t. Those sandals are PERFECTION. I am very intrigued by the leave-in conditioner (but can’t figure out how to shop their site?) and can’t wait to hear more about the numbing spray/waxing strips/etc! That Lisa Frank brush is maybe the most you think I’ve ever seen. You got so much great stuff!

    1. You can steal it if you want, I don’t mind! I just get so much stuff that never really makes its way to the blog (at least not in a timely manner!) so I figured this was an easy way to do it! I can’t figure out shopping their site either – I emailed them to ask that earlier today so I’ll let you know what they say!

  2. I love this new series! I love the shoes, but it’s a bummer to hear they weren’t comfortable at first. I also had no idea about the Lisa Frank brushes, but they are super cute. I get so many good makeup recs from you as a fellow fair skinned lady so I can’t wait to hear about the No. 7 goodies you got as well.

  3. Okay I just want to say thank you for not making this into a video. For the love of Goduda I do not want to watch a video. JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU LIKE OR DON’T LIKE! Aka, why you are the best!

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