Leather and Lace

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Skirt c/o eShakti for the purpose of this post. Of course, all opinions are my own.

I’ve had a faux leather skirt on my wish list for quite some time – so when I saw this one on eShakti’s website, I was thrilled! Up until now, I had only seen black faux leather skirts and I thought a brown one would be a fun change of pace. The amazing thing about eShakti is you can customize the pieces to fit your needs. Whether you need something shortened, lengthed, or even change the sleeve styles, you can do that. I was happy with the length of the skirt, but I went ahead and sent in my measurements so it could be custom made to fit my body type. Upon arrival, the skirt fit perfectly!

The only problem was, I had no idea how to style it.

I’m not sure why, but I just completely drew a blank for WEEKS on it. When I got this Free People top, I thought it would be really fun to pair it with my faux leather skirt! To be honest, something that’s totally see-through isn’t usually my cup of tea. But it was on clearance so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to go out on a limb. Pairing it with my leather skirt worked perfectly because the skirt is high waisted, making the shirt a tiny bit more modest (I said a tiny bit!)

Since I was showing more skin that I was used to, I went ahead and wore thick tights and booties to keep things relatively simple. It was REALLY chilly that day, so my bomber jacket was the perfect way to top off the look. I was having kind of a bad hair day so the hat just felt right, and my personalized chocker from the Silver Wren tied it all together (literally).

If you’ve got a piece that’s a little more “racy” that what you’re used to, here are some tips to help you rock it with pride:

  1. Be confident! Honestly it probably looks awesome so just go for it.
  2. Show less skin in other places. For me, this meant wearing a high waisted skirt and tights. This could also mean wearing a large coat, boyfriend jeans, joggers, maxi skirt – whatever works for you!
  3. Throw on a jacket. This will help you “ease into” the look. I definitely felt way less exposed when I added my jacket, plus it helped complete the ensemble.
  4. Stick with neutrals. This is kind of a go-to tip for anything outside my style comfort zone, but neutrals always make things a little easier. Not to say that neutrals go “unnoticed” but you probably won’t stick out as much as you would wearing the same thing in bright red.
  5. Pair it with things you love. If I was wearing this top with a skirt and jacket I didn’t really like that much, I would have felt REALLY uncomfortable. But pairing it with a few favorites made it much easier.
  • Have you ever tried eShakti?
  • How do you style pieces that you might normally shy away from?


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