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It’s time for Thursday Threads, y’all! The weather here has been SO BAD and I wasn’t about to make my sweet husband stand in the rain to take photos of me so I decided to do a post with all my favorite jewelry tips and tricks!

Dear friends, if there is one thing I love love love…it’s statement jewelry. I firmly believe the right piece of jewelry can put ANY outfit over the top – even jeans and a t shirt. It can also help stretch your wardrobe much further because jewelry totally changes the look of an outfit. I get a lot of compliments on my jewelry, but the truth is…I don’t spend much on it! I’m pretty dang cheap and jewelry is no exception. So I’m here to reveal my dirty little secrets so you can have a fab jewelry collection!

1. Bauble Bar – I don’t think Bauble Bar will ever go out of business because I’m convinced I keep them afloat. I would say 75% of my jewelry comes from Bauble Bar….BUT guess what you guys…I don’t pay full price. Ever. I just don’t. It takes some tricks but it can be done!

  • Sign up for their emails to get the scoop on Buried Baubles. Every Friday and Monday they send out an email with a buried bauble, aka a secret piece that’s on sale. Usually they’re HEAVILY discounted (the Monday Buried Bauble is $20, the Friday one is $10 and it’s usually something smaller).
  • Wait for a promo code. If there’s a certain piece I really have my eye on (like this beauty that came in the mail for me yesterday!), I will wait until they send out a promo code. Usually they happen around holidays but sometimes they send out random promo codes. Then I’ll combine that with my vault points – what are vault points, you ask?
  • Save more money with with vault points! You can earn vault points every time you make a purchase….even on sale and Buried Bauble purchases! Then you can use those points to get dollars off your next purchase. The necklace I just bought was regularly $68, then I used a 30% off code + my vault points and ended up paying $39. Still more than I would have liked to pay BUT I’ve been wanting a turquoise statement necklace so it was worth it to me. Plus it’s a HUGE statement necklace so it can dress up just about any outfit.
  • Hold off for a sample sale. I’m not sure how often, but every once in a while, Bauble Bar has a sample sale….do not miss it!!!! I actually placed a huge order last time around and got eight AMAZING pieces for $134 – such an incredible bargain and the perfect opportunity to stash some away for birthday gifts! They’ll never know you only paid $8 for that statement necklace!
  • Free shipping all the time. Need I say more?!

Dallas-Fashion-Blogger-Bauble-BarViolet Karenina Bib ($25) | Middle photo by Stephanie Drenka

IMG_1308webOpal Galactic Drops ($15 in sample sale; different colors for $8!similar)
Photo by Stephanie Drenka

Dallas-Fashion-Blogger-Bauble-Bar-3Courtney Bib ($48 on sale; exact) | Photos by Stephanie Drenka

green+jumpsuitgreen+jumpsuitOpal drops ($16; similar for $10) | Photo by Stephanie Drenka

Dallas-Fashion-Blogger-Bauble-Bar-2Inca Priestess Necklace ($18; wait for a Buried Bauble for big pieces like this)
Photo on right by Stephanie Drenka

2. Rocksbox – You’ve probably heard me rave about Rocksbox already but I cannot stop, people. I’m OBSESSED! In case you missed my All About Rocksbox post, here’s what you need to know: $19 a month for 3 pieces of designer jewelry at a time. Wear them as many times as you want, then send them back and get a new box. Each month you get $10 a month that you can put towards a piece if you want to buy something from your box. Use the code valerybrennanxoxo to get one month of Rocksbox on me! If you don’t like it, just cancel your subscription before the first month ends so you won’t be charged 🙂

dallas-fashion-blogger-diversity-chic-5631-1024x683Photo by Stephanie Drenka

Photo by Stephanie Drenka


3. Forever 21 – Most people already know this, but Forever 21 has been the mecca for cheap jewelry for most ladies the last few years. I will say they step up their game more and more every year and the price can’t be beat! Unfortunately the quality isn’t quite as good as some other places (like Bauble Bar) but if you only pay $1.90 for a pair of earrings and you wear them twice, you probably got your money’s worth!

imgForever 21 (around $10?; similar; similar; similar for less than $10!) | Photo by Stephanie Drenka

4. Cents of Style – This is another one you have to sign up for their emails to get the great steals. Their regular prices are good but every Friday they send an email with huge discounts AND free shipping! If you like something, keep your eyes peeled and you can probably get it discounted…that’s what I did with this incredible coral necklace!

sweatshirt+pencil+skirtsweatshirt+pencil+skirtCoral necklace ($10) | Photo by Stephanie Drenka

5. Craft Stores – This one is a BIG secret of mine but I’m sharing it with you! Craft stores like JoAnns, Michaels and Hobby Lobby have some of the coolest jewelry. I really love JoAnns because they have stuff that’s already made and ready to wear in addition to the DIY pieces. I have bought a few pendants from Michael’s but they’re just sitting on my desk…I haven’t managed to actually put them together (oops). I’ve never paid more than $5 for anything I’ve bought at a craft store.


A photo posted by Dallas Blogger🦄 Valery Brennan (@valerybrennan) on

Snake Ring ($2 at JoAnns!)

So that’s it! You know all my favorite jewelry secrets – Sevi doesn’t call me the accessory queen for nothing! 🙂


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4 thoughts on “How to Save on Statement Jewelry | Thursday Threads

  1. I am so, so, soooo, SOOOOOO jealous of your accessory stash! You are def my jewelry inspiration haha. I feel like accessories in general is my “weak point” and seeing you rock them so well makes me excited to wear them! Thank you for the tips (especially the craft store one. Who knew?) Linking up of course 😉

    1. If you’re not signed up for Rocksbox you HAVE to get on it! It’s by far the easiest way to have a rotating stash of jewelry…and you don’t even have to pick it out! haha

  2. I have a similar (but not the same, I promise!) post coming soon. Statement jewelry can make your looks! Rocksbox is great, but I’m about to cancel mine…I think if they make it a couple more years, their management will straighten out, but right now it’s too unorganized for my ISTJ brain. P.S. I LOVE that teal jumpsuit look. I’d wear that all the time! So pretty.

    Southern Elle Style

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