How to Prep for Dallas Comic Con

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This February I FINALLY attended my first Comic Con and I am totally hooked. I’m no expert, but I still think there are some things you should know before attending your first Con. If you’re a vet, let me know what important tips I missed!


Photo by Stephanie Drenka 

24 hours before:

1. Hydrate! Your mom was right when she said you have to hydrate the day BEFORE. So Thursday and early Friday, drinks tons of water so you’re at peak performance Friday-Sunday.

2. Get your geeky gear ready. Whether you’re going all-out cosplay or just wearing your favorite pop culture tee shirt, have everything picked out ahead of time. If you’re like me, you have LOTS to choose from and you don’t want to have to make a game time decision! Check out my post from February for more on what to wear to a Con. Thanks to Stephanie Drenka for this fab photo of us 🙂


3. Print out your agenda. But you can look it up on your smartphone, right? True. But you’re also going to be using that phone to take killer photos and videos AND doing social media. You’re better off printing out the agenda to save battery life, they even have a nice printable version on the website!

4. Plan out your “must see” events – leave plenty of time before those to line up if it’s going to be a big wait! For me this is one of the MOST important things. There’s so much to see that if you don’t have your schedule figured out, you’re bound to miss something great.

4. Follow the appropriate social media accounts. In addition to the folks running the events, also follow the accounts of any celebs you’re super excited about. You never know what they might post! Also use the hashtag #FanExpoDallas to connect with more people. Here are my must-follow folks:

Me, duh! Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
My partner in crime, Sevi: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Dallas Comic Con: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
KBH Convention Center: InstagramTwitter, Facebook

5. Cancel plans for the rest of your weekend. The con doesn’t run super late but you’re going to be pooped at the end of each day so head home and rest up so you can feel rejuvenated! This is especially important for Friday and Saturday night. You don’t want to be dragging come Sunday.

6. Make sure you’ve got your photo ops purchased. You can purchase most of these on site but why waste the time doing that when you can take care of it ahead of time? You can get your photo ops at this link. Here’s a photo of Sevi and Stephen Amell of Arrow….you don’t want to miss out on a bomb photo like this, now do you?! 🙂 (Thanks for letting me use your photo, Sevi!)


7. If you can, pick up your tickets early so you can get in as quickly as possible. According to the Dallas Comic Con Facebook page, “Early Badge & Wristband Pickup is Thursday, May 28 in Hall D at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas from 11a-8p.”

8. Plan out your transportation – Dart is encouraged just because parking tends to be kind of a pain!

What to bring:

1. Phone charger and extra camera batteries. If you have a portable charger, even better! Otherwise, at least bring a wall charger. You do NOT want to run out of juice at this event.

2. Cash. Some of the artists might not take cards and it’s just easier to have cash just in case. You probably need it for parking, too. Also (if you’re like me), you need to take a certain amount of cash and limit yourself to ONLY spending that amount.

3. Backpack or messenger. They also sell awesome bags at Comic Con. Either way you’re going to want something to carry your necessities and any goodies you buy.


4. Deodorant. I know, I know. But seriously. There’s a lot of people in a small area and extra deodorant never hurt anyone. Plus, it’s not going to take up much space in your backpack.

5. Patience and a good attitude! Cheesy, but SO true. You have to go into this knowing it’s going to be hella crowded and you’re going to have to wait in lots of lines. A good attitude will go a long way and make the day much better for everyone involved.

Other Dos and Don’ts for the Day Of:

1. DON’T skip out on Artist’s Alley!


2. DON’T be disrespectful of celebrities. Don’t sneak photos or bombard them. Common courtesy.

3. DO take photos with folks but DO ask them first. Again…just use common courtesy.


4. DO use social media! Use the hashtag #FanExpoDallas and follow along with your fellow geeks.

5. DO arrive early! Parking is probably going to take forever, so will the lines to get in. Just plan to have to wait.

6. DO stay hydrated and take rests when you need to! Better to miss out on something than end up having to leave early because you’re dehydrated.

7. DO take advantage of the unlimited soda from Wild Bill’s. SO delish and was easily a highlight of Fan Days for me.


8. DON’T bring outside food or drink. I’m a little salty about the fact that they don’t allow you to bring bottled water, but I guess the convention center has to make that paper somehow.

Alright, so who will I see this weekend?! Not sure what I’m wearing yet but I think it’s going to be too hot and crowded for me to Cosplay. Plus I’m getting back from Chicago at 1Am early Friday morning so just making it through the weekend is going to be a challenge.

Tickets are still available, so don’t miss out!


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