How to Make EVERY Outfit Look Chic

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Make Any Outfit Look ChicI generally don’t abide by fashion “rules”…I think pretty much every rule is meant to be broken, if it suits your fancy. BUT what if I told you there’s a way to make every single outfit you wear look super chic? It’s the one rule that I (try to) follow almost every day and it seriously works.


A typical outfit consists of a top and a bottom (not counting shoes), so that’s two pieces. You with me so far? Because this is prettyyyy complicated. Okay, ready? Now add a third piece.

That’s it.

To look pulled together always add a third piece! The best part about the three piece rule, is fall and winter is the perfect time to put it into practice because who doesn’t love layering? Also, why do you think everyone loves fall fashion so much? Because it’s layered – you always looked pulled together because you’re layering and following the three piece rule, even with a super casual outfit!


Here are some of my favorite “third pieces” that I regularly work into my wardrobe:

Third-piecesMilitary Jacket (under $30 version here) | Moto Jacket | Blanket Scarf | Blazer | Wide Brimmed Fedora |  Statement Necklace

Once you’ve hit your three pieces, if you feel like your outfit still needs a little something you can always go ahead and add a fourth (or fifth) piece – just don’t get carried away. We’ve all seen what over accessorizing looks like!

IMG_2771web IMG_2757web

Here are some examples of “three piece” outfits that just wouldn’t have felt “complete” had I stuck with two pieces.

Third-piece-rule-exampleswebIs this a rule you’ve ever tried? What are your favorite “third pieces” sitting in your closet right now? Pull them out and get ready to fall in love with your wardrobe again!


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