How to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

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As much as I love having short hair, sometimes it can be a bit of a drag. You can’t do nearly as many cute braids and of course the elusive top knot simply isn’t an option. In the last 8 years I’ve tried lots of different styles but I have to say that earlier this year I did something I’ve NEVER done before – super crazy tight curls. The best part? It’s an old school technique called rag curls and it does ZERO damage to your hair.


When I debuted this look, I got tons of questions about how I did it and to be honest I just never got around to doing a tutorial. Well, now that I’m doing videos I thought this was a perfect opportunity to share the EASY, heat free method for super tight curls. Check out the video below and recreate this look with ANY hair length…you long haired babes will just need to be a little more patient. 🙂


My Snapchat followers got the first look at this hairdo this time around, make sure to follow me (just search for valerybrennan)! You’ll get a lot more behind the scenes unfiltered content there than you do on Instagram or Facebook!


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