Here’s Why My Hair is Blonde Now.

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I already know I’m going to get TONS of questions about why my hair is blonde (for the time being) so I figured….why not write a post about it? So here goes nothing. Having fantasy colored hair is great and all…until it’s not.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved having colorful hair most of the time. It was really bright and always made me feel cheery. I could be picked out of a crowd easily and it definitely made me recognizable on social media and in the blog world (especially with yellow hair). But at the same time…it’s exhausting.

No matter where you go, ALL eyes are on you. There’s no sneaking in and out of places unnoticed. Also everyone wants to talk to you and ask questions about your hair. Which is fine, but sometimes you just don’t want to talk to people! My favorite were the people who would say “Oh…your hair is yellow.” Not as a compliment…just telling me the color of my hair, as if I didn’t know. Of course there were plenty of kind compliments and people who would genuinely ask for advice (and hopefully I was able to help them!)

dallas-blogger-valery-brennan6977 dallas-blogger-valery-brennan6998 dallas-blogger-valery-brennan6913 dallas-blogger-valery-brennan6933Changing my hair started as a temporary thing just for October (my Comic Con cosplay + Halloween costume really needs a more natural blonde look than what I was rocking before)…but now I’m thinking I might keep it for a bit.

My identity had become completely tied up in the color of my hair and I was just sick of it. I am more than just a crazy hair color. Some people color their hair as a way to rebel, but I feel like going back to a natural hair color is an act of rebellion for me. I don’t think anyone (including myself) expected me to be a normal blonde right now…but here I am! And I kind of love it. I’ll probably go a little whiter/ashier next time around, but you won’t be seeing any bright colors on me for at least a few months. I need a little time to experiment with whatever makeup I want, to wear any color of the rainbow and to be able to enter a restaurant without people staring at me like I’m on display.

dallas-blogger-valery-brennan6956 dallas-blogger-valery-brennan6899 dallas-blogger-valery-brennan7017

  • Do you ever feel tied down by one “defining part” of who you are?
  • Have you ever had fantasy colored hair? What was your experience like?


PS how great are these photos my husband took?! He freaking NAILED IT this time around!

24 thoughts on “Here’s Why My Hair is Blonde Now.

  1. You can pull off any color, honestly! I imagine having crazy hair is almost like being in cosplay at a con. People are always stopping you for one reason or another, and sometimes you’re just trying to pee or grab some food!

    1. Good lord that’s the PERFECT analogy. It’s fun for a while but then at some point you’re like “CAN I JUST BUY MY CEREAL IN PEACE?!” lol

    1. Thank you so much! Funky colors are really fun, but like I said…it gets tiring hah. I don’t know how people have it for years and years and years without going nuts.

  2. I think your hair looks great blonde. I have always wanted a bold color but feared I would be the center of attention wherever I went.

  3. The blonde hair suits you. I have been thinking of trying fantasy hair but my hair grows fast and in no time you would see my brown and grey roots.

  4. My sister is always changing her hair to bright colors. Lately it has been the elderly stopping her to chat about it. We where arguing about what color her hair was. I stopped some random French man and asked. I won it’s pink not red lol.

  5. I started the process of having bright and fun hair back in March and it’s a lot to keep up with. In fact, I’m way overdue for a touchup and will need to rebleach my roots this time around. I’m scheduled to go in next week and can’t wait to look normal (for bright hair) again. As far as your blonde hair, I love it! There’s no way in heck I could pull off blonde hair so I say rock it until you want to change it again.

  6. Your Husband did a great job on these photos. I am in love with that top. I like your hair blond. I look forward to seeing your Halloween costume.

  7. I used to dye my hair all sorts of manic panic… but it was WAY less acceptable then. My identity has been tied up in my tattoos, and I hate that- mostly because it always seems so negative. But… I’m fairly diverse, so if others choose to box me into their perfect placement of me based on a single feature, how sad for them!

  8. I always wanted to color my hair hot pink but never did. The blonde hair looks good on you and whether it’s that color or dyed, all that’s important is that you love it 🙂

  9. You could literally have blonde or rainbow colored hair and your essence and persona still shine through. But I completely understand not wanting to be defined by one feature or thing and applaud your honesty for taking back your identity!

  10. This is an interesting perspective that honestly, I’d never thought about before. I know so many people with colorful hair, but I never thought of it as something that could be exhausting (but I totally get it). Stick to what makes you happy, even if it just makes you happy for right now. You look great!

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