GVP Skincare Review – Amazing Skincare at a FRACTION of The Price

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Need to find the best inexpensive skincare? I’ve got you covered! Amazing quality, high end formulas, half the price. Click through to read more on these high end skincare dupes!How often do you roll your eyes at the cost of skincare products? For me, it’s OFTEN. Most of the time I don’t even buy “high end” products and I still hate how expensive they can be.

My ride or die moisturizer is made by Neutrogena and runs about $18/tub. I’ve bought at least five of these and until recently I had no intention of changing. That is, until Sally Beauty completely BLEW MY MIND and came out with a new line of Generic Value Products skincare. Here’s a video of me and celebrity hairstylist Gregory Patterson chatting it up about these new skincare products and giving a quick GVP skincare review.

I’ve loved the GVP hair products for quite some time, I remember checking out the line as a kid with my mom. I could never understand why she bought the bottles with the PLAINEST labels but now I totally get it. It’s what’s inside that counts, duh! Sally Beauty has found a way to replicate amazing, high end formulas at a fraction of the price. And when I say fraction, I mean it!

My beloved moisturizer usually costs around $18…Sally Beauty has made a perfect dupe that’s only $7.99! Here are a few other price comparisons (as if you need any more convincing):

GVP Distinctively Unique Moisturizing Lotion (4 oz) – $9.99
vs Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (4.2 oz) – $27

GVP Mild Facial Wash (compare to Clinique) (6.7 oz) – $8.99
vs Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild (6.7 oz) $17.00

GVP Advanced Eye Renewal Cream (.13 oz) – $9.99
vs Neutrogena Rapid Dark Circle Repair Cream (.13 oz) $17.99

GVP Dark Spot Reducer (1 oz) – $16.99
vs Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector (1 oz) – $49.50

GVP Anti Aging Contouring Cream (1.7 oz) – $14.99
vs. Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream Moisturizer (1.7 oz) – $27.99

As you can see, the price differences are substantial. We’re talking half price (or more) for most items in the line. As far as quality goes, I can’t tell a difference in the products I’ve tried. You’re getting the same amazing product for a much smaller price tag. What more can you ask for?!

Oh…you want to pay even less?! WELL all GVP skincare products are buy one get one half off at Sally Beauty right now (through March 31) so you have no reason not to give them a spin! Annnnd if you have a Sally Beauty card, prices are even less. Ridiculous, I know. (Click here to shop!)

I’ll be doing a more in depth GVP skincare review of some of these products later, so if there’s anything you want to know more about, definitely let me know! And if you liked this post, don’t forget to pin it!

  • What’s your FAVORITE skincare product?
  • Have you tried any of the GVP products before?


One thought on “GVP Skincare Review – Amazing Skincare at a FRACTION of The Price

  1. I’m curios what experience you have with the GVP Datk Spot Reducer (similar to Clinique Even Better). Does it work on dark (melisma) spots along with acne scars (white scars)?


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